With McLaren it’s not all about track performance and top speed, there’s a little game left over for luxury and long-distance driving, this comes in the form of the McLaren GT.  GT stands for Grand Tourer, and the McLaren GT excels.  Sharing DNA with the Speedtail and performance bits from the McLaren 720S, the GT has the looks, performance and interior luxuries to make it the ultimate GT car?  Maybe.  This example in scale is made by GT Spirit and features a very unique Burnished Copper exterior colour.  The overall production here was limited to 1999 units.

As for the model, resin and static is the name of the game.  Exterior side, GT Spirit does are fabulous job in capturing the lines of the McLaren GT.  As mentioned the Burnished Copper exterior is mated to Gloss Black upper section with a glass roof.  Venting wise the model is complete with perforated grilles throughout, though there are some exceptions.  The venting on the rear of the side glass is solid.  And in the rear, the surround of the taillight area is completed with a solid piece with a honeycomb pattern for added depth.

Interior wise the colour here is a mix of White and Black.  Positive marks overall.  Dash elements are generously defined throughout and the model also supports fabric seat-belts.  We find no interior flocking though.  Another calling card for the McLaren GT shows the rear section completely covered, this is a GT car nonetheless.  Extra space for a weekend getaway is a must.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. DR says:

    This has hints of the Jaguar XJ220 from the top, pretty interesting to see McLaren go beyond its comfort zone with this one.

  2. Anthony White says:

    Am interested in buying the McLaren GT…but which one is better?? GT Spirt or Spark

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