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What is “Build” the Eleanor Mustang? Questions Answered…

Eaglemoss is thrilled that their exciting new build-up of the superstar 1967 Eleanor Mustang is now launching to satisfy fans of the blockbuster Gone in 60 Seconds movie as well as Mustang enthusiasts around the world. For the first time ever at 1:8 scale, you can now assemble your own die-cast Eleanor Mustang as seen in the 2000 remake of the film.

For those who may be wary of taking on the build of a 1:8 scale model for the first time and other experienced modellers who are simply keen to find out a little more detail, here are some answers to questions you may have about Build the Eleanor Mustang.

How many model kits will I receive? The collection is made up of 110 kits, delivered to your door in 28 shipments.

How often will I receive the kits? After your introductory package that includes two kits of parts, you will receive regular shipments of four kits of parts every three to four weeks.

How many parts make up the Eleanor model? More than 600.

What materials are the model made of? Most of the model is made from precision-engineered die-cast metal, rubber, and plastics. Once assembled, the model will be the most detailed scale replica of this iconic, automotive superstar ever produced.

What are the working parts of the model? Your Eleanor model features steerable wheels; opening hood, trunk, and doors; working headlights, taillights, and brake lights; and engine and horn sound operated by the accelerator pedal and center of the steering wheel respectively.

What free gifts will I receive? As a subscriber, you will receive a series of exclusive gifts including a one-off Eleanor poster, a heated travel mug, a tin license plate, a binder for your magazines, and a display base. You will also be sent some special gifts during your subscription. These are a 1:24 scale die-cast Eleanor replica, a unique Eleanor clock in the style of an Eleanor speedometer dial, and a crystal case for your display base.

What tools will I need? The only essential tool you need is a screwdriver, which you will receive with your first set of parts. We also advise that a pair of pliers can be useful to assist in some of the steps, and a pair of tweezers may assist when fitting cables. But many of the components simply snap together.

Are there any tips for building the model? If you are able to set up a clear working space, this will help you to organize the parts as you receive them. When working with the pre-finished exterior surfaces of the model, you could lay these components on a soft cloth – this will protect against scratching the paintwork. If you follow the clear step-by-step instructions included in the magazines you should have no problem at all. And, of course, the biggest tip we can give is to simply enjoy assembling your superb scale model!

What do I do if I am stuck on a section of the build? We doubt this will happen, but if it does, you can refer to the instructional videos we have produced that show you exactly what to do in each step.

Why is the Eleanor Mustang such a great car to build? Where do we start? For one thing, it’s a one-off, totally unique car that was built specifically for the 2000 remake of Gone in 60 Seconds. There is simply no other car like it in the world. At the heart of Eleanor’s one-of-a-kind looks is a standard 1967 Mustang Fastback, but it is the extensive modifications that really set her apart – the distinctive Pepper Grey colour scheme and black stripes running across the top of the bodywork, moulded side air scoops, moulded reworked lighting front and rear, moulded side exhausts, and so much more. All these details are replicated in fine detail on the scale model, resulting in a truly spectacular reproduction that is super-rewarding to build. At the end of the model’s assembly, you will be the proud owner of a piece of movie history that is destined to become a true collector’s item.

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9 Responses to "What is “Build” the Eleanor Mustang? Questions Answered…"

  1. Tippertruck72 says:

    110 kits X (12.90 USD/kit + 2.45 USD for shipping/kit) = 1688.50 USD for US customers only, as shipping cost will skyrocket if you don’t live in the USA.

  2. ATEOTD says:

    After accumulating the first few kits, I finally started my build today. Good grief, was it ever frustrating! The instructions aren’t always consistent with what’s printed on the parts. I lost one of the incredibly tiny screws, almost lost a second (there was only one spare), and had considerable difficulty getting the screws in. The tire requires quite a bit of effort to fit, even after quite a long time soaking it. But I got through the first two kits.

    • DS Team says:

      Really, I found the instructions straightforward for the most part… Though I discovered a few inaccuracies based on the group of guides completed for the 300 SL.

      As for the screws, they always add 1-2 extra in each packet. Also, keep a magnetic tray beside you to house the initial screw for the specific task or at least have a magnet on hand. As for driving force, I found screwing in a partial way and revering seems to help on some of the more in-depth situations.

      • ATEOTD says:

        I did buy a magnetic tray (and a pill organizer, as recommended). The biggest difficulty came when using the smallest screws. While trying to place them, I lost one, and almost lost a second, which would have left me without a spare, at least in that kit. The magnetism of the screwdriver would cause them to stick to the side of the screwdriver or hang sideways.

        • DS Team says:

          I’ve seen this does happen on occasion with their supplied screwdriver or in fact with any… I can only suggest you try an alternative precision driver or use extreme patience when driving the small screws – the Eaglemoss driver is quite good. Good luck, and post images of your project if possible!

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