PHOTO GALLERY: LCD Models McLaren 600LT Green/Red •

PHOTO GALLERY: LCD Models McLaren 600LT Green/Red

Reviewed in depth earlier in its blue version, this new colour suits the LCD McLaren 600 LT well. Particularly attractive IMO is the red interior this version comes with. Enjoy the pictures (including an obvious Photoshop job of the flame thrower).

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  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks, Karsten for sharing these images of the Green LCD McLaren 600LT. This is still one of our favourite releases from the brand. The Red/Black interior does look solid, good call on the exterior calipers in Red!

    BTW, the flames on the exhaust are priceless, LOL!!

  2. Mike Wiseman says:

    Yea, I bought this one as well… love it. I already had the white one. It’s great when a manufacturer executes alcantara effect in multiple colors.. especially 2-tone.

  3. Vitaliy D says:

    Would be so good if LCD Models replaced the plastic imitation of mesh inside the tail lights with a true perforated mesh. But they did not.

  4. Giorgio262 says:

    I went straight to the photos and I thought the flames could’ve been an extra added by LCD. Honestly it would’ve been a great idea from LCD to add semitrasparent plastic flames mouldings as a display option.

    • Karsten says:

      … with dynamic multicolor led animation, showing the flames popping from the exhausts and a sound generator for the engine noises. Yeah!
      For the time being one might consider LEGO or PLAYMOBIL flames. They might just fit, LOL!

      • Giorgio262 says:

        I was thinkin about starting from some transparent plastic rods for modellers, modelling them with a dremel and perhaps a lighter and then finishing them with some transparent paints. That should do.

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