PHOTO GALLERY: Almost Real NIO EP9 (Updated Version) •

PHOTO GALLERY: Almost Real NIO EP9 (Updated Version)

At one point in time, the NIO EP9 was the world’s fastest electric car, that battle is now being debated by Tesla and Porsche.  We originally reviewed the NIO EP9 back in August 2018.  The model then was almost static in display with the exception of the doors.  This reboot comes from Almost Real, once again diecast metal with plastic parts makes up the core.  However, this example goes a few steps further, for one, the rear spoiler is functional.  Also if you know the NIO EP9 and the electric side of things, you know that its unique battery element is nicely tucked away within each side of the automobile.  This model allows full access to each battery with fully removable side panels and individual battery units that can be removed.  Talk about going that extra mile!

As for the model, we did mention diecast metal exterior, for the most part. In hand, this piece definitely carries some weight.  Exterior wise NIO EP9 also features an optional wheel.  More OEM fitting than the predecessor aftermarket look.  New or old the two models are essentially the same from an exterior and interior perspective.  However, we find the shutline lines on this example a little more less in spec than we prefer, see the area just behind the top section of the driver side door.  Inside the interior is slightly elevated, Blue stitching is found throughout the cockpit, a little more colour is used to define the various bits, full seat-belt harness is on display with fabric and metal used, and we can’t forget, the centre control centre display the NIO EP9 in view.

The operation of the rear spoiler is as smooth as butter.  The engineering is quite different than a typical AUTOart piece.  Access to the batteries is completed by removing to small screws from either side of the undercarriage.  The panels then pull out and the batteries are removed in the same fashion, each held in place with a series of magnets.  The engineering is quite simple and quite cool!  This revised model is available in two versions, if you want to save a few bucks, you can choose the alternative with a fixed rear spoiler.  The guys are do have this model in stock, check them out.  Enjoy the pics!

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6 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: Almost Real NIO EP9 (Updated Version)"

  1. Astronat says:

    Very nice improvements. Love the optics.

  2. Stroh says:

    Which Diecast website retailer is selling the model other than Almost Real? I would love to purchase as well.

    • Vince says:

      Me too! I only managed to find the Dealer’s Version, it seems it not the model with full openings. I stand to be corrected.

      • Kon_art says:

        There are three versions of this model: two with static spoiler (one with lifted and onether with folded position) and one with movable spoiler, which is presented in the post. All of them are dealer’s and are wonderfully packaged. The versions with fixed spoiler are less detailed and have slick tires on racing disks. You can find any on ebay or try to buy directly from China (on taobao) if you can manage how to work with this site. I bought mine there and I’m extremely happy with this model!

        • Vince says:

          Which version did you get if Imay ask? And is the 18EP9001 model the one with the full openings, including the removable sides? On eBay some Chinese sellers aren’t being fair as they do not show exactly which model one is trying to purchase. The only I found so far are the first two (if there are three, as you say). There’s one with a fixed spoiler and another that is adjustable. But haven’t found the model with all full and complete openings. I did try TAOBAO.COM but couldn’t read anything. :)

        • Vince says:

          I did find it on AliExpress and It seems they are ONLY selling the first two models. The one with the full openings including the side battery panels, cannot be found.

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