REVIEW: Almost Real Model NIO EP9 •

REVIEW: Almost Real Model NIO EP9

It’s been a while since I expanded my sport car collection.  No, it’s not a Lamborghini, McLaren or Ferrari.  The car is called the NIO EP9, a fully electric vehicle developed and engineered in China.  The team specializes in designing and developing high-performance electric autonomous vehicles.  With more than 4000 employees, the company is founded with experts and managers from all over the globe.  They also have ties to the FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first single-seater, all-electric racing series.

From idea to production sample, the car took the team 18 months to complete.  Less than 20 vehicles are to be produced at a cost of 1.2US million apiece.  The car itself is powered by multiple electric motors, giving her a total of 1,341 horsepower.  Nuts!  Battery cells run along the lower sides of the car, a typical charge lasts just north of 425 kms.

She is also setting lap records for electric vehicles all over the globe, including the widow maker, the Nurburgring Nordschleife with a time of 06:45.90.  This is the World’s Fastest Electric Car.

The model of NIP EP9 comes in a few configurations, spoiler up version and spoiler down version.  I went with the closed as I wanted to retain the clean lines of the car.  As for the manufacturer, it still remains a mystery to me.   I reached out to the eBay seller for confirmation; his response was “An authorized factory”.  Let’s just say it is developed by one of the many Chinese plants that produce scale models.

Another interesting tidbit is upon examination of the underside of the box, in capital letters it states “NOT FOR SALE”.  This leads one to believe the model was possibly commissioned by NIO as a promotional piece.  Thus making her a true collector item.

The presentation of the model is exceptional and so is the weight of the overall package!  The shipping charge will attest to that LOL.  The model ships with a clam style box with the car itself mounted to a heavy wooden base with identifying badge.  The Nurburgring Nordschleife track is highlighted in Blue with official time in the background.  So fitting!  Since this is a first from this mystery brand I’ve included some packaging images for you.

If you’re not aware, the model of the NIO EP9 is crafted in good old diecast metal.  Access is limited to the interior only.  The model itself does capture the essence of the original fairly well, though the shut lines on the doors are generally okay and gaps follow suit.

Paint work is excellent, I absolutely love the Blue exterior.  Most of the Black bits are actually carbon fibre.  Not the best representation for the material.  The texture is present or should I say moulded with the piece.  A similar technique used by AUTOart.

The front of EP9 provides no access to any internal parts.  The NIO logo is nicely created in photo-etched metal.  Their logo is defined as follows, the sky up top and the earth on the bottom.  Headlight work is very good and the fitment is on point.  The lower section of the cars intake and aerodynamics elements are nicely defined, though when looking inside there isn’t much definition.

The rear of the EP9 is my least favourite side.  Not due to the original design but due to the lack of perforated grilles for the massive lower sections right and left.  The signature taillights are on point as well as the logo work.

The 1:1 is charged through this rear centre section.  The rear wing is another defining element.  There are three settings: parked, low-drag, and high-downforce.  This allows EP9 to produce 24,000 newtons or 5,395 lbs of downforce at 240 km/h (150 mph).  This thing can handle likes it’s on rails!!!

The undercarriage is completed defined by a massive diffuser almost stretching the entire length of the car.  See photo above.

From what I gather there is an assortment of wheel options for the EP9.  They include the presentation, street and track.  This example ships with the mesh style track configuration, which I believe are the coolest of the available options.  The tires are slicks too.  Nice work on the tapered edges.  Wheels and braking package are excellent is design and craftsmanship.  Logos are found on the Black calipers front and rear.

Access to the interior is done by two forward flipping doors.  Opening and closing are slightly challenging.  Note the open distance of the model isn’t on par with the original car.  The original achieves a true 90-degree angle in a fully open position, the model gets about 2/3 of the way there.  Not a huge miss.

Inside the interior is complete for the most part.  The NIO EP9 is completed with “tub” design.  Here the seats are moulded into the tub.

The downside is the moulded carbon fibre work, a little weak overall.  The positives do outweigh the negatives though.  Good use of textures in the seats that also come equipped with fabric seatbelts and metal buckles.  There is good definition of the dash and centre console elements.  The use of good colour and textures does add to the overall realism.

It is truly refreshing to add something different to my personal scale model collection.  The NIO EP9 is not your typical sport or supercar.  The uniqueness factor of the car had me from the get-go.  The overall balance of execution and detail isn’t too shabby for a $130 CND price tag.  The NIO EP9 does excel with paint, interior, and wheels.  There are some shortcomings but none of which should deter you from rejecting this model.  The exclusivity angle as I pointed out earlier (if correct) will make this model a true collector piece.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. George K says:

    That’s pretty cool! Thanks!

  2. Bryan W says:

    There are some information state that this EP9 model is actually manufactured by almost real.

  3. Luke Bryant says:

    I just got one of these for Christmas and I can’t figure out how to remove the model from the display base. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • DS Team says:

      It is very easy, feel around with your finger on the underside for the screws. Once discovered use a sharp blade to cut an X pattern. Use Philips screwdriver to remove screws. Good luck!

  4. Epic says:

    There is updated version of this model. With moving rear wing and removable battery packs. And it is confirmed for this new version, that it was engineered and manufactured by ARM.

    • Vince says:

      Some say that there are three versions, Can you kindly verify this, please? Thank you

      • Lykan Hypersutra says:

        There Are Three Versions. Two Old, One With Spoiler Down And Another One With Spoiler Up Plus the New Model With Working Spoiler. The New Model Has the Product Number ALM189001.
        Packaging Is the Same, With Wooden Stand, Four Screws Holding the Model And So On.
        The New Model Is More Detailed, Doors Open Like On a Real Car Full 90 Degrees And the Spoiler Works Very Well. No Button Needed. It Can Be Moved Easily And It Stays Up. The Model Has Removable Batteries. I Don’t Know, I Think This Feature Is Useless.

        This Is My First Model Made By Almost Real And I Have To Say I’m Impressed. Packaging Is Great. The Model Is Actually Pretty Heavy. Overall Great Quality. No Issues With Painting, Panel Gaps Or Shut Lines, No Flimsy Parts, No Cracking And Scratching Noises, Nothing. I’m Pretty Sure It Was Not My Last AR Model.

        • DS Team says:

          We are well aware, this review was written well before the “upgraded” version came to market. The value of the initial release is huge in comparison. If you can live without the bell and whistles each will satisfy!

          • Lykan Hyper sutra says:

            I Know You’re Aware. The Info Was Not For You. It Was For the Guy I Replied To Who Wanted To Know How Many Versions Were Released And For People Who Come Here And Read an Old And Not Updated Review.

            You’re Right About the Last Part. Print “Not For Sale” On the Box Of an Unfinished Product And Suddenly Everybody Wants It. :D

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