PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Shelby AC Cobra 427 Hardtop 1965 •

PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Shelby AC Cobra 427 Hardtop 1965

Team Solido has been on fire this year, in addition to the awesome assortment of new models at an attractive price point, the brand also gained two entries within the final list of candidates for 2020 Model of the Year.  Well done gents.  Another new entry for 2020 is their version of the Shelby AC Cobra 427 Hardtop 1965 in 1:18 scale.  2019 they provided fans with the 1:18 AC Cobra 427 MK2, click HERE to see the car in Purple Metallic.  What can be declared an official fantasy colour.

As for the model, and an exceptional piece for the price! About $75 CND.  We may be inclined to say their best effort to date? The package comes equipped with a separate hardtop and roll-bar.  Both pieces require you to install depending on which direction you choose.  This is also a rare model from Solido that affords access to the motor, though no entry is available to the rear.  Overall the shape and design are aligned to the original and the stance is to our liking, though some argue it does sit a little too high.

Hardtop fitment isn’t the greatest on our example as you can see from the provided photos.  We’re sure there are some examples out there that better execute the fitment as tolerances will vary based on the high production rate.  Enjoy the pics!


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4 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Shelby AC Cobra 427 Hardtop 1965"

  1. ilka says:

    Cheers, will probably get this one.

    It’s crazy to think, but if you’re looking for best overall proportions of 427 cobra in 1/18, the Solido models are the only choice. But bright side of that is they are pretty cheap and you can make a lot of various racing liveries using them as base.

    • DS Team says:

      That is impressive on its own. And yes, all Solido products make a great base for custom project cars!

    • AJ says:

      Most likely this model based on Shelby’s CAD data… Meanwhile Kyosho (and everything else) has been sculpted by using photo reference only 😁

    • Brian says:

      I know, it’s crazy…wheels are good as well, but too bad the hood only opens halfway (and displays a mediocre engine). I don’t know why the 1:18 427 Cobra seems to be such a challenge. Shelby’s details are weak, Kyosho uses some goofy old molds with horrible shapes, now the half-ass hoods on these. At least this one’s price isn’t bad.

      If Kyosho used a better body, it would be the best by far.

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