PHOTO GALLERY: Solido AC Cobra 427 MK2 •

PHOTO GALLERY: Solido AC Cobra 427 MK2

We have some photos of the 1:18, diecast metal, Solido AC Cobra 427 MK2.  The colour here is called Metallic Purple.  We’re sure this is a fantasy colour, but it made the model oh so easy to photograph!  There is also an Orange Metallic with Black decals available – we even think it looks better!  Retail on this piece is less than $70 CND.  Excellent value for an entry-level or possible project car.

The model itself as said features diecast metal exterior body and doors.  Access is provided via the doors and front hood, unfortunately, the rear is sealed.   Motor detail does show its price point, on the flip side interior is solid in the overall amount of total detail.  Photos don’t lie, this one was a pleasure to photograph.  So effortless for awesome results.  Enjoy the pics!

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3 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: Solido AC Cobra 427 MK2"

  1. ss19 says:

    This is a not fantasy colour, there are real cars of this color, for example

    • David G says:

      That is not an original Shelby Cobra, not even a good replica…

      • DS Team says:

        No said it was the original. Also, Solido caters to the opening price point, mass market, on the lines of the Bburago brand. Yes, there are trade-offs to hit applicable retail but not all collectors need CMC or Exoto.

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