PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Volkswagen Caddy MKI 1982 •

PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Volkswagen Caddy MKI 1982

Being an avid Volkswagen buff, it was surprising to discover the original Volkswagen Caddy was originally released in the US market first, as the Rabbit Pick Up.  Three years later the Volkswagen Caddy was introduced to the European market which saw success on both continents.  Solido did release their version, in 1:18 scale back in 2020 in White alongside a “tuner” version with BBS wheels, decals and Metallic Orange exterior.  We believe other than sister brand OttOmobile there is no other option in 1:18 scale.

As for the model, it is typical Solido execution, decent with limited bells and whistles.  The advantage over OttOmobiles sealed version, the Solido is crafted in diecast metal with access to the interior side.  The paint is fair and the exterior detailing is good. This model is holding its own against examples 3 to 4 times the cost.  Also, it is very popular and affordable for those wanting to start their custom tuner projects.  Enjoy the pics!

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7 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Volkswagen Caddy MKI 1982"

  1. Douglas Morales says:

    AKA latin america “Saveiro”

  2. Mason Bloom says:

    I believe these only had around 80 horsepower but that doesn’t matter, it’s surprising good looking!

    • DS Team says:

      Likely the case. The neat thing about Volkswagen they are extremely simple to modify especially the earlier ones. Many of these ripping the tarmac with 1.8 turbos or more!

  3. Florin says:

    Looks great from outside! However the instrument cluster is from a more modern VW, possibly the South African Citi Golf which was the last VW Mk1 to be produced (2009). BTW this and the Saveiro are completely different models. The Caddy was based on the Mk1 Golf platform (transversal engine fwd) and the Saveiro is based on the Gol/Fox platform (longitudinal engine fwd).

  4. Robert Johnson says:

    Few people will remember that Joe Hoppen and the late Bill Oursler sponsored a “one make” race series for these VW Golf pickup trucks… it may have seemed an odd choice, but the longer wheelbase transformed them in to pretty good race cars!!

  5. Bryan says:

    I remember borrowing one of these from my wife’s uncle in about 1983 . It was a diesel and we used it to pick up a woodstove from Vermont Castings from where we lived in CT . I’m 5’9” and I recall almost being in tears from the lack of leg room . My wife drove it back home to CT and I sat sideways trying to get comfortable . I’m a VW guy ( own 2 or 3 at a time since 1975 ) and hands down this was the most miserable thing I’ve ever driven .

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