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Possible AUTOart Re-Release Mazda 787B LeMans Winner?

AUTOart Japan is hinting at something special in 2021, race wise.  They noted the 30th anniversary year of Mazda 787B Le Mans Winner 1991 on their FB page today.  Does this mean an updated version is in the works? As per AUTOart “We are preparing something for celebrate it”.  This is great news to news for fans, and those that refuse to pay the inflated prices of today.  As always, patience is great practice in this hobby.  Stay with us for the latest news.


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11 Responses to "Possible AUTOart Re-Release Mazda 787B LeMans Winner?"

  1. Yuan Li says:

    Autoart factory is preparing for production work, ready to re produce 787b.

  2. SamtheCat says:

    Let’s hope they don’t downgrade it, as they did with the r390 (correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m surprised there’s no articles on that, comparing the 1997 and the newn1998 versions, which lost lots of detail on the engine and most of the carbon fiber treatment -look at the front- )

    • Roger Lodge says:

      Wow, I didn’t realize they toned down the details on the re-release. I would love to see a comparison of the old and the new as I’ve been wanting the new #32 blue and white version but would be hesitant if it’s a significantly lesser than the original.

      I wonder if the same bodes true for the re-releases of the Skyline RS Turbo Super Silhouettes.

  3. Evert Delanoye says:

    In my opinion they shouldn’t re-release it. The value of a model, and subsequently the value of a model brand, is partially based on the number of produced items. The original 787b by AutoArt wasn’t that expensive. It has become expensive over time because so many collectors want it and it’s only limited available. If they re-release it, they deflate the value of the original model and thus also of the AutoArt brand. A very good example is Spark, who’s models are around 150 Euros when released, but many of them increase in value after a few years, so collectors know they have to buy a Spark model when it’s released. I only see value in a re-release if the new model has a lot of improvements, but I think it will be difficult for AutoArt to improve the 787B. Let’s hope they don’t go the Exoto way with their Standox liveries….

    • DS Team says:

      Sorry, we have to disagree. There are new fans both to the car and hobby that should have the opportunity to own a model. By placing a production limit with no expiry is the wrong thing to do. So what if the value goes down, the passion of the hobby is fueled by more collectors coming to the party. This is just our opinion.

      • Roger Lodge says:

        I agree wholeheartedly with you, DS Team. If the value of models is such an important factor in collecting then you are more of an investor than someone who loves the hobby and are a detriment to the hobby. I have this particular Autoart 787b and don’t give a darn if the value drops since now others may be able to own it at a reasonable price. On the other hand, I don’t have an Autoart Mclaren F1 and would never buy one on the secondary market for $700 and would love it if Autoart re-released this and paid no attention to the calls of greedy collectors who just wanted the ability to make a buck.

      • Evert Delanoye says:

        I understand your point of view when it comes to collecting as a hobby that should be accessible for everybody. I’m a collector and not an investor. My point is that a part of the hobby is finding that elusive model and the happiness that comes with it when you finally found it. I’ve personally bought the AutoArt 787B after a search of almost 2 years for 450 Euro. Could have bought it sooner for 700 Euro, but I deemed that too much. Now when I look at my collection and I see the 787B, I remember the day I bought it and it brings a smile to my face because I remember how happy I was when it arrived. For me, that will be all gone if AutoArt re-releases the model and it will be on every shelve. It’s no longer unique for me. That’s not value in Euros or Dollars, but sentimental value. There’s lots of research proving that sentimental value is what makes us happy. That’s what I’m colletiing for.

        I’m more a supporter for CMR and Spark to release the 787B than for AutoArt to re-release it. In that way, collectors have the choice: if you want a 787B you can get a perfect model from Spark. If you want the top-end AutoArt 787B 1/18, go search for the best price available. But because of AutoArt’s strategy, I will never be able to search for their models and pay a high price, because there’s always the risk they re-release it and I will have overspend on a second hand model. That’s why I think they’re undermining their own value.

        I have about 250 models. Around 25 of them proved to be a real quest to find them. These models make me proud. There’re still some models that I’m looking for. That’s what I like doing. But on that list, I’ve crossed out every AutoArt model because of their re-release. In your MOTM section, you ask collectors what’s their holy grail. How can that ever be a model that makes you think: next week everybody can have one?

    • Epic says:

      @Evert Delanoye:
      ” It has become expensive over time because so many collectors want it and it’s only limited available.” Hahahaha :D Only one of at least 3x editions released was limited to 2 000. There was edition with trophy (limited), edition with acrylic box and regular Signature one. When you look at pictures published on eBay or on collectors forums you may spot numbers on 787b certificates, which hit nearly 15 000 (at least this is what I spot). I’ve never seen ANY other AA model’s certificates with numbers bigger than 5000 maybe 6000, but mostly they are somewhere below 3000. Numbers like “14 638” on 787b certificates mean that this Mazda may be the most popular model they ever produced. And there was no real limit for production, apart from the version with trophy.

      • Evert Delanoye says:

        ”It has become expensive over time because so many collectors want it and it’s only limited available.” Hahahaha :D
        OK so you can find me an AutoArt 787B at it’s original price of around 250 Euro! If there was enough supply and no demand, that would be the price. Your comparison between other AutoArt production numbers makes no sense. I have a model of which only 15 pieces were ever made, but it’s price hasn’t gone up because nobody is interested in it. It doesn’t matter if they produced 5, 5000 or 15000, the price is only relevant compared to the demand. That’s basic economics. Now that AutoArt is going to produce it again, everybody who has spent more than the original price can feel betrayed by AutoArt. Maybe they never said is was limited, but by re-releasing it they definitely made me never again buying an AutoArt from anyone unless it’s for the original price.

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