REVIEW: Almost Real Pagani Huayra Roadster •

REVIEW: Almost Real Pagani Huayra Roadster

The next model under the microscope doesn’t need much introduction, Pagani Huayra Roadster and the Pagani name are well known in the sport and supercar elite.  The model here is manufactured by Almost Real, the scale 1:43.  We wish we were presenting their promised 1:18 scale version, hopefully, this will materialize somewhat soon.  For now, let’s whet the appetite with three colours from Almost Real’s 1:43 assortment.

The team was kind enough to send us three examples of the Pagani Huayra Roadster which is based on the 2017 car.  In the stable, we have the Rosso Monza, Bianco Fabriano and Blu Danubio.  All three have a unique personality, but the Rosso Monza is definitely or favourite of the three.  Two of the three are limited edition, the Rosso Monza is 1/1008 and Bianco Fabriano will only see 1/504.

Each model is made of diecast metal with plastic and metal parts.  These are sealed examples too.  Paint on each piece is exceptional as the photos will illustrate.  Smooth and consistent throughout, no heavy or thin areas to mention.  Carbon fibre work is noticeable through the various exterior parts, each is completed with a decal sheet with appropriate sheen.

Overall excellent marks to Almost Real for capturing the lines and overall design of the original car.  A couple of notable mentions are the Horacio signature on the side – well done.  Large upper intakes behind the doors are capped with authentic-looking Pagani inspired mesh.  Also, the side mirrors, though so small have the Italian flag in check.  Talk about attention to detail!

For those that might be asking, the model does ship with a removable roof.  It is neatly tucked underneath the base.  Fitment was good, but it did require a few seconds to get it to sit just right.

The front fascia of this super is outstanding based on scale.  First, Almost Real again using the Pagani unique preformatted grilles on the lower section.  Headlights are beautifully executed and nicely detailed for the scale.  The front flaps show the metal hinging on the perimeter.  Both are so well crafted we toughed on them to ensure if they were functional or not!

The rear does match the front execution.  Perforated grilles are found once again in the unique design.  Just underneath the carbon fibre work is well executed too.  Taillights and decal work run out the rear, these two elements are again quality on the materials and fit and finish side.

You can’t see much of the motor based on scale and rear glass opening.  Though we wanted to point out that the dual cooling slots on either side are open and behind a metal grille.  This level of detail is impressive!  Not to mention some manufactures in 1:18 don’t go to this level!

Wheels are massive multiple spoke design finished in Gun-metal paint (Red/White).  Just behind you’ll find Red calipers and rotors.  The tires also display multiple Pirelli script around the entire perimeter – well done!  The Red and White examples share the same design; however, the Blue is slightly different.  Here the outer tire script is completed in Blue, wheels match the interior colour and the calipers are painted Blue.

Interior on all three models are identical from what we gather.  The theme here is Beige on Beige with various carbon fibre elements.  Dash, door cards and centre console do show a surprising level of detail.  The added Silver/Chrome paint highlights various elements too.  Seat-belts are present, thought crafted in rubber-like material.  Overall high marks!

The Almost Real Pagani Huayra Roadster has to be one of the easiest models we ever reviewed.  This 1:43 examples do live up to big brothers’ level of detail and craftsmanship and then some. This level of detail rivals those of other brands that cost 2-3 times more.  Inside and out the model’s scores high, all three would be a welcome addition to any collection.  $90 US is the suggested retail, each piece also ships with base, cover and plague.  If the team can execute this well in 1:43 scale, how will big bother in 1:18 look?  Only time will tell.  Enjoy the pics!

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: Almost Real Pagani Huayra Roadster"

  1. Kevin says:

    I think AR is really slow with there 1:18 releases. I am really waiting for the Brabus 850 (GLS 63) and Pagani Zonda Cinque. Could someone review the catalogue from 2019? Would be great!

  2. Vitaliy D says:

    I already have this 1:43 in blue, where the “carbon fiber” is clearly visible – and its colors correspond to the real car’s photos that can be found in internet.
    I do agree that the detailing level is really high, and the model is very nice.
    When the 1:43 version was released by AutoArt several years ago, I did not want to pay their price for the 1:43 with grey interior. Today’s model by Almost Real costs more, but it provides better details and features pleasant interior (both colors and details), so I do believe it is worth its money, especially taking into account that it is die-cast and its overall accuracy and execution is quite comparible to resin models of higher price (such as LookSmart, for example).

  3. Karsten says:

    Thanks for the review, very promising for the 1/18 versions of these, as I have the blue carbon one on pre-order. As I have the 2019 catalogue, I am more confident that these will be made, just like the Zondas. The revised range has seen a lot of models cancelled, but the Brabus 500, 550 and 850 G63 (all based on G class) and the Brabus 900 (based on S class) are still in. Same for the Mulsanne Grand Limousine while all the Bentaygas and (previous version) Continental GT have been cancelled. Probably better to make the new Continental GT range instead anyway.

    • Kevin says:

      Hello, do you know if the Brabus GLS is cancled too? This would be very sad tho. I hope the Cinque is going to release soon.

      • Karsten says:

        In the catalogue I can only find the Brabus models mentioned above, sorry. And I don’t think the 1/18 Paganis will be released this year. 1/43 is always the harbinger to the respective 1/18.

        • Tomcatters says:

          Thanks for the Info. Very very glad the Zondas are still planned. I want an openable, high quality Zonda so bad. (“Normal” Zonda)

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