REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette C7.R Presentation •

REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette C7.R Presentation

Up for review today is the AUTOart Corvette C7.R Presentation version.  The model is currently available in White with Red accents and Glossy Black as per our example here today.  The Corvette C7.R comes from AUTOart’s composite/diecast series, which features a metal inner skeleton and outer body panels made of composite material.  In essence it is made of plastic body panels.  Our team also reviewed the 1:18 AUTOart Corvette C7 Z06 back in May 2016.  Please hit the “Reviews” button above for more details.

Not all are fans of race presentation cars, we do understand, but there are some that relish the opportunity to add another example to their collection. Out of the box the Glossy Black exterior just pops, folks it still looks wet!

Exterior lines mirror the original well.  The race version here features wider fenders front and rear, along side some aero-dynamic enhancement that come via new fascia and rear wing/diffuser.  Side exhausts are featured on the left and right side of the vehicle too.

Cooling intakes on each side of the front fenders are actually open, in the street version they are not.  This is most likely due to the overall size.  Here in race trim the intakes are larger to the aforementioned wider fenders, though the rear upper intakes (adjacent to the rear hatch) remain sealed as was the previous street car.

The weakest element of the model is the lack on opening parts.  Here we only have access to the interior.  Both front and rear are sealed.  We have no Easter eggs either as presented with the Porsche 918 and 911 RWB models.

As mentioned the front of the Corvette C7.R is changed. What we have is much more aggressive update over its street preedecessor.  The centre section is decorated with metal mesh grilles. Lower chin spoiler is extended with side and upper fins.  Fit and finish is executed well.

Headlamps are lower lamps are beautifully crafted in quality materials – each show depth too.  If you shine a light in their direction the slight Yellow hue just comes to life.  You will notice the aerials front and centre.  We do wish this was removed, but atlas this is representation of the race car.  Finally the upper opening on the hood is open, giving one access to the inter-working.

Rear is dominated by the upper spoiler and rear diffuser – we like the added gold bits to the end of the wing. Side intakes on the rear bumper are sealed.  The rear diffuser does allow viewing to the inter-working but what is shown is little to noting, definitely lacking some detail and refinement.  We did however appreciate the centre cooling opening with large exhaust fan.

The wheels are once again AUTOart quality.  The rotor work with the various levels of detail and colouring are super.  The calipers are on par too and feature AP Racing script.  Wheels are coded in Black and feature the BBS logo in tail.  The front tires are steerable and all four corners feature the Michelin logo. The entire package works well and won’t disappoint.

Access to the interior is the only option with Corvette C7.R.  Door operation is flawless to report.  Shutlines and panel gaps here are extremely good too.  As with most race cars the interior is usually spare, no exception here.  AUTOart did however blend in the use of colour with the various cockpit accessories.  We also appreciated the clean work of the mesh incorporated in the roll-bar kit just left of the driver position – see image below.

What we did not like was the plastic-look on the centre console, which blended into the driver seat.  Also the seat-belt harness is crafted here in rubber instead of proper fabric.   Cost cutting measure for sure.  Boo!

AUTOart’s Corvette C7.R Presentation is a mix of good and bad.   On the positive side the exterior paint, body-lines, and wheels take the chequered flag.  On the flip side no access to front suspension and rear motor really stretch the want-ability of the piece.  Short coming aside the AUTOart Corvette C7.R Presentation is a very quality piece.  Those that collection street and race Corvettes may see a need to add one, even those that admire aggressive styling may choose to compliment their sports car assortment.  Enjoy the pics!

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9 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette C7.R Presentation"

  1. Robert says:

    Thanks for the review! I really like the C7 Vette and I pretty much have the AutoArt Z06 in every color they made, yes both yellow ones too. I also have many C5R race cars from the Corvette team since 1999. and I have one C6R. Why only one? it doesn,t show it’s engine just like this C7R. This one is interesting but the fact that the hood is shut and only the doors open is a no go for me. I don’t care about the plastic construction, like I said, I have many of their Z06’s but I need opening and working features for that kind of coin!

  2. Chall says:

    I’m one of the oddballs who love presentation cars. Thanks for the review. I’ve been interested in this model for a while.

    Lack of access to the motor is disappointing, but it looks like Autoart is getting better with their composite line.

    This reminds me of their Mclaren 12C GT3 — absolutely beautiful exterior detail and solid build quality, but the engine and front area finishing don’t stack up to exterior. Yes i have the 12C in Azure Blue thanks to your review.

    I’d buy this over sealed resins and sealed diecasts even. it’s a fair compromise for the price, considering where the industry is going.

    I think Autoart is trying to get the correct balance of production volume, detail, speed of getting product to market and price.

    The diecast elephants in the room are the Autocraft Lykan, Almost Real Land Rovers and the Chinese dealer models, however.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes the elephants in the room are large. Something is up there… We have the Almost Real 1:18 Bentley GT3-R on the water, hopefully we’ll have a full review posed real soon.

    • Wildman Bradley says:

      I have been contemplating purchasing the McLaren c12 gt3 in orange.. It’s in my cart as I type this out.. Is the piece worth spending $200?

  3. Alex says:

    it certainly has a very strong visual presence, it looks tough as nails and I love its stance but for me this is an easy pass due to no engine or trunk access. Only having opening door and interior detail simply doesn’t cut it. Though its plastic construction doesn’t fuss me as I love AA’s C7 Corvette which I have in my collection.

    Great review!

  4. Marek says:

    Seat-belt harness crafted in rubber is not cost cutting measure, it is theirs ever lasting, totally unexplainable and untolerable feature !!! They even did it on current Sennas Lotus F1, beside all other detail, where it is totally visible in open cockpit, how ridiculous is that ?!!! Any seat belts on ANY diecast or resin of ANY brand/manufacturer are better than this. Even those from paper…I once wrote it here, the only explanation is that they – Autoart – just want everybody to pi.. off…

  5. Gian says:

    Can the steering wheel turn the wheels? I recently bought the 2015 LM winner and it doesn’t seem to be the case.

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