REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette Stingray Coupe 1963 •

REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette Stingray Coupe 1963

This is the second of two Corvettes to arrive this week. I now present the 1963 C2 Corvette Stingray Coupe. The model here is manufactured by AUTOart, another limited edition release of 6000 units worldwide, which I have #952. I know I’ve used this description before, but its true, C2 in my opinion is sex on wheels. Super sexy body lines are apparent for all angles. A golden era of the automotive age, when cars were functional as well as moving works of art which the C2 Corvette represents well.


corvette_1963c2Coupe3  corvette_1963c2Coupe4

corvette_1963c2Coupe10  corvette_1963c2Coupe8


The exterior of models from what I can gather represents the original 1:1 from all angles very well. As always I’m not authority on Corvettes or the history of the brand, you feedback is always welcomed here. Panel gaps are very good, paint is exceptional as well as the chrome work, and there is a lot of it here. The front headlights are functional, little challenging to open but nothing too difficult. Badging surrounding the entire car, side front and rear, again execution is very good. Chrome work on the wheels is very good; the added detail of the white-wall tires is a nice touch representative of era. Nice work AUTOart! If I had to point out a negative, the door handles seen a bit too large and out of scale, but this is a minor distraction.

corvette_1970c323  corvette_1970c324


The motor is well appointed, again I’m not 100% it represent the 1:1 to letter but the detail is present and looks authentic. Notables are the addition of prop-rod, forward opening and painted black side hood. Same as `68 Corvette Coupe the detail extends to the undercarriage; this is where AUTOart excels over others. Painted block, suspension bits and exhaust are all well appointed. I like it!


corvette_1963c2Coupe13  corvette_1963c2Coupe15

Moving on into the interior you find more good things. Checkout the little details on the door panel, nice work AUTOart. All elements of the interior and dash seem to represent well. The chrome is executed nicely and contracts beautifully with the black.


Again without hesitation I would highly recommend this model to all. AUTOart has produced a exceptional replica to satisfy all who share a passion for the brand. Even if you’re not biggest fan of Corvette the C2 needs to be considered as one of the sexist cars of all-time, it deserves a place in your collection. AUTOart or other brand get one! Enjoy the pics!!

corvette_1963c2Coupe2  corvette_1963c2Coupe5  corvette_1963c2Coupe6

corvette_1963c2Coupe9  corvette_1963c2Coupe11  corvette_1963c2Coupe16

corvette_1963c2Coupe18  corvette_1963c2Coupe19  corvette_1963c2Coupe21


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7 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette Stingray Coupe 1963"

  1. Josh says:

    Once again a fine review and I love this model, its a big improvment over the old ertl.
    However Autoart once again did mess up some, they do not seem to take North American cars very seriously. The 2 main issues are the rear windows, at the top they are too sharp of an angle, there should be a more gradual curve, the ertls are actually better. Since the split window is THE MOST important feature on this car you would think AA would take it more seriously.
    Also the area underneath the airbox should not be painted orange O well, not a really big deal but the rear window shape is poorly executed, Also for those who have the daytona blue with red interior, that combo technically was not available from Chevrolet.

  2. Josh says:

    O well these are still very good models in my book the interior quality, paint, wheels, and the crispness of the lines are perfect, on both the 63 and the 70. the best vettes autoart did so far are the 53 54 and 59 and 62 also the 58 should be quite good.

  3. Good Afternoon
    Diecast Society, many thanks for your quick reply. This model pictured i presume is the only colour produced by Autoart. I reside in Melbourne, where are you located & am i able to purchase this model through Diecast Society.
    Phil Bortnoski

    • DS Team says:

      Other colours were available. Check AUTOart’s website for history of produced Corvettes and colours. The model is completed sold out, so your best resource to find one would probably be eBay, good luck!

      PS – We do not sell models, checkout one of our many great sponsors!

  4. The comments you have made about this Model are excellent, there is always something thats not 100% in any model RE: door handles, mirrors, wheels, tyres,in my opinion this model would be in my model collection, i want this model.

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