REVIEW: AUTOart Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 •

REVIEW: AUTOart Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

There was a lot of anticipation behind this Signature Series from AUTOart, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 was to raise the bar on their Signature series offering, and it did, but it also raised the opening price point too. Is it worth it? I’ll let you decide after reading this short review. First off the car is a limited edition, my car was number 1443. I choose the Arancio Argos/Metallic Orange for a few reasons, one it was front and centre for many of the first 1:1 photos shared with the media and public, and two it looks so god damn sexy! And let me tell you photos do not do the colour justice, the paintwork is flawless some of the best I’ve seen for any manufacture to date.

There is a lot of good about this model; lol I’m not sure where to start… The exterior highlights include the functional rear spoiler, see-through rear hatch, high detailed headlights, side air intakes, and more… The motor detail is the best I’ve seen from AUTOart to date, so life-like that is scary good! The doors are easy to open, the added exposed shock absorber is a very cool touch. The interior is also beautifully appointed, maybe not 100% correct to the 1:1 but nonetheless very good. What is quite impressive is the advanced hinge work on the front and rear, AUTOart uses an upward forward motion so smooth you think you were dealing with the real thing.

My only complaints, which are few, would be I could not get the upper side vents to open fully. They would move a few millimetres but that is all. Does anyone know what the secret is? I would also lower the model 3-4mm in the front and few millimetres in the rear. Lastly, the most difficult of the aforementioned issues the idiot who applied the rear Lamborghini logo applied it at a slight angle. Damn you!  Enjoy the pics!!








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  1. Saurabh says:

    Could you please also describe the materials used in the model ? The type & quality etc. Also, do the steering, suspension wheels work ?

  2. Elvin says:

    1:18 scale, how much does it cost?

  3. Wong Zi Long says:

    Hello~Could you take a photo from the top angle please?My email is ben51755528 [at] hotmail [dot] com Thank you so much!

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