REVIEW: Automodello Ford Mustang II Concept •

REVIEW: Automodello Ford Mustang II Concept

Before the first production Mustang embraced the American public in 1964 there was the Ford Mustang Concept II, which made its debut at the 1963 Watkins Glen Grand Prix. The design found here of the 1963 Mustang II Concept shifted the pendulum from two seats (Mustang I) to four.  This four-seater Mustang II closely resembled the final production car and the rest is history…

If you’re keen on Mustang history and want to add something orginal in scale, the team at Automodello has the Ford Mustang II Concept now in their assortment of models.  Recently released in October of this year the team issued two colours in limited quantities, 1:24 White with removable Hardtop (limited to 299 units) and 1:24 Red Tribute Edition (limited to 50 units).  Each piece is officially licensed by Ford.  Suggested retail $249.95 and $349.95 respectively.

Since this is our first model from Automodello’s ONE24 series we thought a little foreword on this clever and cool packaging was a must.  Before you even see the model you know something special is inside.  The attention to detail of the packaging is welcomed.  As you pull the protective sleeve away the box opens like a piece of expensive jewellery.  Fabric hinge work and productive styrofoam surround the gem inside.  The model itself is secured on a padded base with the script of the aforementioned car.  Removing a couple of screws and the car is free to enjoy.

Our example is completed in White with Blue decal work.  Paint application is absolutely flawless and polished to the letter.  Overall the lines are very good and mirror the original car well.  No issue with shutlines and panel gaps either, as this model is sealed and crafted in resin with plastic and metal parts.  Nice work on the defining the panel gaps throughout the model too.  They are clear and consistent.

We definitely need to call-out the sharp workmanship on the upper photo-etched metal surrounding the perimeter of the interior.  This extends to the front chrome work of the windshield and the package is completed with nicely executed metal wipers.  As for the chrome work on a whole, it meets our standards and then some.

Moving to the front of the Mustang II you can definitely see some styling queues that graduated to the first generation car. And you’ll also notice Corvette lines based on the shapely defined fenders.  Overall, thumbs up to Automodello for their execution here.  The team combines good skills in assemebly and quality of materials within the grille section and headlights.

Chrome work is very consistent with our example too.  If there was one issue we would target the lower undercarriage angle of the lip/bumper.  In our opinion, the angle of the lip should move slightly forward.

The rear is very true to the original car.  Automodello’s definition is definitely on point.   Again we find quality workmanship and materials on the taillights, centre emblem and exhaust tips.  What is missing is some of that ugly undercarriage exhaust apparatus on the original concept car, we think this is a good thing!

Our favourite element of the car is the wheels, definitely forward thinking in terms of styling for the era.  Unfortunately, this design element did not transition in whole to the first generation car, truly a shame.  The wheels, in general, are very good from an execution perspecitive; great definition of the rim itself with special attention given to the centrepiece/lock nut.  Chrome work is once again on par with the rest of the model and the white wall tires are very fitting.

Based on images we studied of the Mustang II interior, we conclude a near splitting image.  All elements are nicely replicated; this includes the door cards, dash, centre console and seating area.  The model feature full carpeting throughout too.  Within the rear seating, you’ll notice the Mustang horse emblem in the centre (sorry no image to share), as well as the front glove box location, the Mustang II emblem is fitted with the Red, White and Blue badge  Nice attention to detail folks.

We did mention the model ships with a separate hardtop.  The application here is very simple; there are no locking bits or tabs to secure.  The hardtop simply rests on the front windshield and rear section.  Fit and finish is very good.

The assortment of Automodello ONE24 models now is focusing on classic Americana.  Their unique vision and outside the box representations are definitely bringing forward some truly cool pieces to market, this is a segment of the hobby usually ignored by most.

If your goal is unique and well-executed replicas look no further than Automodello.  The Mustang II Concept in all sincerely is a well-crafted piece.  There isn’t much wrong with this model at all.  Any true Mustang aficionado should not ignore the opportunity to add one to their collection.  It is affordable, available and a limited edition.  Head over to Automodello for more information.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. xaml says:

    At this kind of a price point, the relatively flimsy looking front grille plastic does not seem acceptable to me.

  2. adrian says:

    Where are you Danbury Mint?

  3. Eric says:

    Only reservation I have is the incorrect roof. The concept vehicle didn’t have ribs on the roof. It was cut off the coupe they made, and then chopped. Not a soft top.

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