REVIEW: BBR Ferrari FXX K Evo #54 •

REVIEW: BBR Ferrari FXX K Evo #54

This next model from BBR actually made it to the 2019 Model of the Year shortlist.  As for results it ended up in fourth place overall with 641 total votes.  The model in question is the 1:18, diecast metal Ferrari FXX K Evo.  Back in 2019 the first example to hit the retail market was the #70 car in White.  Our team had one on pre-order but it was the #54 car in Rosso Corsa 322.  This will be the model we focus on the review here.  No history lesson of Ferrari FXX K or Evo, other than to mention the Evo package is an aerodynamic kit that allows the car’s overall downforce to increase 25% over the standard car.

BBR does offer an array of models and colours, each is defined with or without leather base or protective cover.  One thing we all know about BBR they understand how to utilize every inch of each mould.  Pricing for a base model is north of $500 CND.  Definitely stretching the budget well higher than the typical $300 average of the day.  If the juice or should we say the price worth the squeeze, read on.

Out of the box the model is absolutely stunning.  The complex lines of Ferrari FXX K Evo are definitely championed by the BBR.  The Red paint is deep and delicious, while the White accents help define the various elements of the exterior design.  Based on our understanding of the car BBR’s results are quite impressive.  Folks you’ll definitely appreciate the effort.

As previously stated, the model is crafted in diecast metal with plastic parts and does offer access to almost the entire car.  The only exception is a passage to the front section, their effort comes sealed. At this price point, full access should be available without compromise.

The carbon fibre work is some of the best we’ve seen.  A solid effort from BBR once again.  It is also incorporated into all the external parts.  The work on the rear section centre fin and the spoiler are exceptional! And attests to the overall exterior excellence.

The front incorporates a lot of carbon fibre practice.  It is matched by the metal and perforated grille work throughout the entire lower section.  All the appliable badge business is here and accurately defined by BBR.  BBR even included the miniature decal work into the front windshield.  One thing we’re not sure about is the White decal work around the top section of the front fenders, based on the original car these aren’t included on the #54.  Anyone confirm?

The rear section does provide access to the engine. More on this in a second, we want to comment on the exterior piece first.   BBR again is not abstaining from the details.  Fully perforated grilles are exceptional and the motor components defined in between does elevate the realism factor.  Be very careful with the rear photo-etched Ferrari emblem, especially if one is prone to cleaning the model after delivery.

A simple pull the rear spoiler opens the massive cover.  Don’t worry it isn’t fragile at all and operation is a smooth as silk.  BBR also provides two prop rods just as the original to mount the cover in the open position.  From an exterior perspective, the shutlines are great, and this isn’t an easy task base on the number of related parts the exterior cover rest upon.

If you’re not in the know, the model does incorporate a fully functioning brake into the design.  Operation is simple, pull back and pull up.  There are full instructions included in the box.  Operation is very tactile to the touch and open and close feature is performed without issue.

Finally, we have the engine.  Top marks for sure!  The level of detail is extensive and the execution is extremely good.  The gloss carbon fibre workings are worth every penny, the complete package is very competent.  Definitely a refreshing sight for those that crave more!  And dare we say better than BBR’s replica of the Ferrari F12 tdf from 2018.  If there were any complaints, the orange cabling on the upper right section is limiting and could be a little more polished.

Moving to the wheels each does live up to the level of excellence we noted thus far.  Tires feature lettering and the definition is size from front to rear is captured too.  The rims are another solid effort, paintwork and related accessories are here.  Note the metal air value stems.  As for the braking hardware it is on par too.  Carbon-ceramic rotors are beautifully represented.

Each door of the Ferrari FXX K Evo provides access to the cockpit.  We must say we were very impressed with the feel and operation.  So smooth in fact it feels like the system utilized is engineered here are gas-shock loaded.  We like to add, the shut lines surrounding the opening are very good.

Once inside the interior detail mirrors the exterior, it is well above the average. Some of many highlights include the textures used on the dash and steering, full fabric racing harnesses, the distinctive elements captured in the dash, centre console and steering wheel.  And notable mention to the Yellow strap attached to the door.  Definitely more polished than your typical AUTOart piece.

It’s been over a year since we last reviewed a BBR product (we last reviewed BBR’s Ferrari F12 tdf).  It is refreshing to see the evolution of BBR’s diecast series, this replica of the Ferrari FXXK Evo #54 is very competent.  The biggest miss is not providing us access to the front compartment. And we believe it is a step forward from the Ferrari F12 tdf, which is a good thing!

For someone who is looking for a better and more refined product than the Bburago Signature series piece, this one is for you.  However, this does come a price about fives time that of the Bburago.  Is it worth?  This all depends on what drives you and what level of perfection you want to achieve with your collection.  As for the team member that provided the sample for us the answer was a resounding yes!  And that is good enough for us.  Enjoy the pics!

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23 Responses to "REVIEW: BBR Ferrari FXX K Evo #54"

  1. Vitaliy D says:

    Ah, I can’t wait for BBR’s die-cast LaFerrari! I was waiting for it for years – and it will be a reality soon!

  2. Kevin says:

    Is the the front compartment sealed on the real one too? Because I dont understand why. The front does open on the Laferrari. I think they sealed it on purpose. Anyways, great Model.

    And BBR said that the Full Open Pista wont cost 845 USD. But I guess it wouldnt be cheaper thatń 450…

    • DS Team says:

      To be honest we’re not 100% sure. We could not find any conclusive evidence with the front open. However, we did see photos of the front that provided detailed shutlines that would make one assume it is. And like you said, it still is a great replica.

    • Saurabh Gaikwad says:

      Great review of a great model!
      I dont understand why BBR is being so slow in releasing these diecast models! Can anybody tell me when are they planning to make the f430’s??

      • DS Team says:

        Thanks for the feedback. It might be out of BBR’s control at the rate of speed we see these new diecast Ferraris and lies more on the manufacturing side and how much production they can manage. We rather have a great model issue free than one rushed to market. As for the re-issue of the Ferrari 430, we don’t know. Late Q4 2020 or Q1 2021,

  3. M says:

    I do not believe the front bonnet opens on any FXXKs in traditional sense.

  4. Z says:

    Nice review! One thing I’ve been curious to know with the new line of BBR diecast cars, is whether they have working suspensions? As their older series like the Enzo has beautiful/ flawless working suspensions, openable fuel caps,etc. I wonder how the new ones compare?

    • DS Team says:

      As far as we can tell no working suspension here. We would have eluded to the added detail in the review otherwise. Also, the fuel cap is sealed.

  5. Scott says:

    Another great review and awesome pics Kraftig. Once a person actually sees one in person you fall in love with it. The interior is amazing and as mentioned the carbon work WOW…… pay attention Autoart.

  6. Global says:

    I don’t think it’s perfect. It’s much worse than Enzo

    No independent engine structure, no independent suspension, coaxial rear wheel

    • Daniel says:

      “It’s much worse than Enzo” Implies there was a lot wrong with the Enzo? I feel that is unjustified considering what a popular model it is and the prices it commands nowadays!
      I own this opening FXX-K and though not perfect it is excellent and attempts like this in todays market should be welcomed with open arms.
      It is diecast metal, it has carbon decal not textured plastic and it OPENS!!!!

  7. Epic says:

    Many many many thanks for the quality review. Especially for the photos of the vents on front bonnet. They can not be found anywhere else. Especially on BBR website. Now I am confident that my own piece of #27 is fine. I was surprised that left and right vent have different protective covers… I thought something was missing on mine. Once again – thank you!

  8. MYTHIC says:

    Just wont this on ebay for $250! Granted of course a grille piece from the door area fell off so it shouldnt be too tough of a fix so the discounted price comes into play here. Just hope the rest of the model is intact but its from a good ebay seller so I trust they disclosed all the info they could. I’m set to receive it tomorrow so hopefully its as stunning as these pics!

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