PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Porsche/Gunther Werks 400R •

PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Porsche/Gunther Werks 400R

There was a period in time when tuner cars like LB Works and the likes were a rare thing in scale.  If available, one would need to spend a fair amount to get one as they were linked to niche brands with very limited quantities at excessive price tags.  Fast forward a few years back, a storm of models hit the market from the likes of GT Spirit, AUTOart and more.  We have to admit, our team personally championed for an RWB example in scale and meeting the master behind Rough World Concept in 2017 was extremely cool.  Today there is a new tuner car/release available almost every other week.  The market is well saturated, we’re sure many will agree.  One niche model that came along not long ago was the GT Spirit version of Gunther Werks 400R.  Something different, something cool.

As for the model, it is a typical GT Spirit throughout.  Paint is signature GTS, flawless like usual.  If the Red isn’t appealing there was a Black version completed too.  Overall the model presents well and 1:18 scale mirrors the original well.  We’re bored of the LB Works Lambs and what not.  We prefer some niche and unconventional cars like this one more frequently.  Let’s hope there is a slight alteration in the corporate mindset for the future.  Enjoy the pics!

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