REVIEW: BM Creations Suzuki Jimny Serria (JB74) 2018 •

REVIEW: BM Creations Suzuki Jimny Serria (JB74) 2018

There has been a lot of buzz with BM Creations as of late.  The team is developing the upcoming Ford Mustang based on the 2019 platform for their parent company Diecast Masters.  BM Creations’ first official release was under their sub-brand Volcanic, the model, 1:18, resin, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400 – you can read our review HERE.

Fast forward today, BM Creations’ latest effort comes in good old fashion diecast metal.  The model, might not be too familiar to folks here in North America is the 1:18 Suzuki Jimny Sierra (JB74) 2018.  Four colours are scheduled for release, each available in left or right-hand drive.  Colours include Chiffon Ivory Metallic, Jungle Green and Bluish Black Pearl 3.  There are also two special editions pieces, they are defined as “Japan K-Car Special” – colours include Jungle Green and Kinetic Yellow.  Our example is presented in Kinetic Yellow with Black Top and is the non-special edition version limited to 999 pieces.

BM Creations is definitely finding efficiencies.  The box is no more than 10 inches in length.  Initial impression, we thought they sent us a 1:43 scale piece in error.  The model itself is packed well with a clamshell styrofoam box.  There are no screws holding the model in place.

The Kinetic Yellow exterior definitely provides the pop factor.  It is bright and charming; it undeniably works with the Jimny fun element.  The paintwork on our example was excellent throughout.  Bumpers, as well as side moulding, are crafted in a textured plastic, the roof is painted Black.  All of these areas are executed well.  Did we mention this is an all diecast metal exterior?

This is a full 360-access model.  This is definitely something lacking in the hobby as of late.  Overall we give BM Creations high marks from model accuracy, based on the image and video we studied their interpretation is damn good!  The shutlines and panel gaps are decent for the most part, maybe the side doors could be slightly improved.

The front of the Jimny consists of the upper grille with headlights and a lower bumper section with trailing fogs.  Each section is carefully crafted and includes full metal grilles that provide access to the inner working behind.  Items such as headlights emblems and fogs and executed with quality materials too.

One thing we discovered by accident, and its not like the model comes with a full manual for end-users, is the ability to remove the front grille.  It is uniquely held in place with two magnets.  Not sure if removal was the original intention or not, but it does provide another level of perspective.  We looked into this a bit more, it seems the front and rear bumpers are removable too.  Our example did not provide such access.  Possibly something has changed during the production process.

Move a little upwards and you have access to the motor via a functional hood.  Note two hinges and prop-rod that keeps the hood in the open position (right side).  As for the motor itself, we more than happy with the level of detail here.  BM Creations uses a good amount of colours and textures to provide a solid scale representation.  The lower visible sub-frame adds to the level of realism.  Nothing less than awesome!

The rear of the Jimny is much in line with the front.  One element that we loved was the attention to detail on the applicable Suzuki and Jimny badging.  It is awesome, to say the least.  They are definitely some of the best we’ve seen in scale to date.  The lower bumper section is reminiscent of the original, with good use of materials in the taillights.

Access to the rear storage is available.  From the exterior, the Jimny should be hinged with two separate pieces.  From the inside, there is one large hinge in use for the open and close functions.  We understand trying to mimic the authentic design might be too challenging and too costly, but the large screw holding the hinge to the body is an eye swore.

Once inside you’ll note the fabric seat-belts, and the rear seats are functional too.  Each can be displayed in the up or down position.  We love this attention to detail.

Moving to the front area of the interior you can see it is fully lined in carpeting and the dash along with centre console is nicely appointed.  A neat feature here is the two front seats have the ability to slide forward and back.  Again, nice attention to detail.

Wheels on the BM Creation Jimny are nicely executed as well, it seems the 2019 edition of the vehicle from the manufacturer will include the same rollers.  Front braking components are standard discs with calipers.  Note the correct and unique position of the caliper set a 12 o’clock.  Never seen that before!  Rear brake apparatus looks to be drum type.

One of the most fascinating features of the BM Creation Jimny is the undercarriage.  It is fully detailed and provides full articulation at all four corners.  If you saw our sneak peek video via our Facebook page a week ago you know what we’re talking about (we’ve posted the video below).  The level of detail here is exceptional and having a fully working suspension along with steerable wheels surely places this model in a class on its own.  All we can say is well done BM Creations.

For the first release from BM Creations, we are extremely impressed with the overall effort.  The model brings us back to a time when the little things carried a model over the top; that craftsmanship, that essence, that feeling is definitely found within the BM Creations Suzuki Jimny Sierra.

The model retails for around the $180 US mark, some may say its too high, but putting all things into perspective we think it is worth the price tag.  BM Creations’ biggest challenge will be to sell this model on a global scale, as we mentioned this vehicle isn’t mainstream in North America and will owners to the east appreciate the value and shell out the dough?  Only time will tell.  We’re definitely looking forward to more releases from the team, hopefully, they’ll focus on something more mainstream and yet exclusive to the scale model community.  Check then out here,  Enjoy the pics!

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12 Responses to "REVIEW: BM Creations Suzuki Jimny Serria (JB74) 2018"

  1. Tomcatters says:

    I was not too convinced by the recent Ford Mustang pictures, but this gives me hope. The model (as you mentioned) looks really well done. I really hope the Mustang (and other upcoming releases) will follow and improve upon this quality. The more, the merrier. And since Almost Real only releases a new model once every few months or so, one can only hope BM has a higher rate of new releases.
    Thanks a lot for the showcase!

  2. spikyone says:

    Looks good and seems like a reasonable price for the detail. In the UK, the 1:1 sold out its first year allocation in a heartbeat, I don’t think anyone that paid a deposit even got to drive one first and dealers had to stop taking deposits! So it could be a very popular model if owners are keen on having one in scale.

    • DS Team says:

      “So it could be a very popular model if owners are keen on having one in scale.”

      I guess that what they are betting on. We hope the gamble works!

  3. Yeow Yi Fan says:

    As a JB43 Jimny owner, this is such a fulfilling review to read. I was initially skeptical when the pre-production pieces were announced. Seems like they improved on the accuracy, especially the front fascia.

    While Kinetic Yellow is sure to be a popular colour. I pre-ordered my in Bluish Black Pearl since my Gen-3 Jimny is in that colour.

    Also, the packaging artwork with the Jimny illustration is fantastic!

  4. Riaz Saadullah says:

    Judging by the LCD models that gave us the Range Rovers, and considering some other Chinese makers that produce the high quality branded models like the Toyotas, Hondas, Audis in 1/18 full opening diecast versions, I am finding the BM price tag still on the very high side. A few months back one Dorlop brought out the Suzuki Vitara/Escudo in full opening diecast form and that was also retailed around 100 USD mark.

    USD 186 is Almost Real range. The subjects of Almost Real had been quite interesting with wider appeal – the LRs, Mercedes Benzs, Maybachs, Bentleys, McLarens, etc vs BM’s Suzuki that potentially appeals to a limited segment. The actual size of the model in 1/18 scale is also quite small, thus allowing the makers to save much on costing i felt.

    I would have jumped on this Jimmy knowing that the actual car is almost as close as the iconic first versions, focusing on pure, simple outdoor fun. However the price tag is holding me back. The pricing of pieces at north of USD 150 immediately puts me off and i start focusing on bagging the older Autoarts and Kyosho diecast models – some of which still seem to be found (at times) at <USD 100 mark.

    • DS Team says:

      We do agree that the LCD Models are brilliant from what we gather from photos we’ve yet to see one in person. Price makes you scratch your head in fact, how do they do it? We have reached out to LCD a few times, but with zero success.

      • Benz says:

        I have two of the LCD Range Rover models including the Velar and I must say they are real value for money models for what they offer. Everything opens including the fuel lid and the seats, arm-rests, door mirrors, etc are adjustable too. Even the suspension works and there is full carpeting throughout plus photo-etched badges where appropriate. At the time I got them, they were like below USD100 inclusive of shipping. Maybe the price has increased slightly now, I’m not sure. Regarding their “affordable” prices, I read somewhere about this and IIRC, it’s due to them making & selling their own models now. Before LCD was established as a brand, the company was making models for other brands that were outsourced to them. I think they still do manufacture models for others but since they started making their own, they can market their models themselves at lower prices unlike other brands which outsource manufacturing to LCD would still need to sell at higher prices to profit and to cover the cost they have to pay to LCD.

  5. Gary Brodribb says:

    How much for the 1/18 Suzuki jb74 kinetic yellow to Australia thanks. We’re are you based cheers Gary

  6. Piyush says:

    Awesome review, this model complete everything which LCD one lacks. I am planning to order this one along with its 1:64 counterpart. they have made other 1:64 brands also run for the money with there exquisite detailing. Waiting for there other releases. Brands like LCD, BM ( Almost real ) are making excellent models in old diecast in the era where majority of brands are shifting to resin and composite.

  7. Nikandan says:

    I want jimny

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