REVIEW: CMR Singer Porsche 911 Targa 1990 Dubai •

REVIEW: CMR Singer Porsche 911 Targa 1990 Dubai

The next model under review comes from Classic Model Replicars or in short CMR.  They are a European based manufacturer, though we’re really sure of the history…  The team from afar seems like a corporation of mainstream retailers in Europe, two of which are site sponsors, CK Model Cars and Little Bolide.  Please support our sponsors as they support us.  Sorry for the plug!

The model under the microscope is one of their latest ventures; the 1:18 scale Singer Porsche 911 Targa 1990 Dubai.  If you don’t know about Singer then you really don’t know about Porches.  Porche’s mojo and slogan once upon a time was “there is no substitute”, well, in fact, there is one, the name in Singer.  Their modification for lack of a better term takes already capable Porsche and raises the bar another ten notches.  No joke!

The Singer Porsche 911 Targa 1990 Dubai replica retails for about $119 CND.  It is resin and fully sealed.

Usually, with our first review of any brand, we feature the exterior packaging.  In this case, we decided that wasn’t necessary.  The rumours are this model is in fact from a GT Spirit design and is manufactured by them as well.  We can confirm this is true.  The exterior and interior packaging mirrors GT Spirit perfectly, the only differences are the obvious exterior branding (CMR) and missing quality control cards we are all too familiar with from GT Spirit.  It seems CMR is definitely working with other brands to bring forward some newness.  The latest evidence of this is the new Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe – 24h Le Mans 1965 series, which utilize an old mould from Shelby Collectibles.

What first attracted us to the model was the Targa option and second, the colour combination of Grey on tan interior.  We can confirm the exterior paint is stunning from front to back, no signs of inconsistent application throughout.

As for body lines and design, it is pretty decent for the most part.  Where the model fails slightly is the rear section of the car.  Wheel arches should be slightly wider and more forming to the wheel.  Also, the area just behind the wheel should be flatter and wider too.  The same pattern for the front wheels is the same, the opening for the wheel should be more forming to the wheel.

Exterior chrome work is executed nicely throughout.  This includes windows, door handles, front and rear bumper and lights.

The front of Singer Porsche 911 Targa is subtle in design, something we prefer in cars.  3D Porsche logo is found in the centre.  Headlights and side indicators are crafted with quality materials and application is solid for the most part.  We wish the storage area was accessible as the workmanship from Singer inside is over the moon!

Rear mirrors the front is subtle design, the only hiccup to this would be the small ducktail spoiler in the rear.  Decal work and chrome are very good.  And again quality materials are used to execute the Singer vision.

Wheels are Singer exclusive Porsche Fuchs design.  The car features a staggered setup nicely mirrored by CMR.  Behind the wheels, there are matching interior calipers and cross-drilled rotors, all quality in apperance.  If there is something to point out it would be the stance on the front, our example sits too high, the gap is not reminiscent of the original.

One thing about Singer is their interiors, this example is no exception.  As mentioned earlier the tan interior is gorgeous set against the Grey.  The execution here is excellent in our opinion.  The subtleties of the design are captured for the most part.  What you don’t get are the delicious textures and the true DNA of Singer, unfortunately, some things in scale can’t be replicated or are too costly based on model price point.  The interior also features full carpeting and seat-belts to boot.

Is it CMR or GT Spirit either or the model here is definitely easy on the eyes.  Is it perfect?  No.  Does it matter to the collector?  Possibly to the most discriminate Singer fans yes!

Today there isn’t much to choose from in 1:18 scale that displays the Singer name.  We welcome any!  Is this a good placeholder until the possibility of a fully opening AUTOart design?  Yes, it is, and it won’t break the bank either.  We’ll let you decide whether she’s an addition to your collection or not.  Enjoy the pics!

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7 Responses to "REVIEW: CMR Singer Porsche 911 Targa 1990 Dubai"

  1. Fabian says:

    Thanks for that. I am also very happy to have the coupe and targa version made by GTSpirit and CMR. Has there been a rumour of AutoArt developing a Singer?

  2. Andy says:

    I have the grey and orange by GT spirit and now the blue and tagra by CMR defo the same mould. Im very happy with shape and stance of them all. The blue singer from cmr actually sits slightly better as its lower and fits over the wheels a bit better than the targa that rides a bit higher…however the tagra is simply stunning as its different and for £85 delivered from CK models its well worth the money.

  3. Roger Lodge says:

    Thanks for this! I like the Targa version reviewed here better since it gives a nice view of the cool interior.

  4. John says:

    Is it just the photography, or is the interior really that orange looking?

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