REVIEW: Defender of the Crown - Kyosho's Land Rover Trio •

REVIEW: Defender of the Crown – Kyosho’s Land Rover Trio

If you’re a fan of SUVs you are in for a treat this month.  We have three new models from Kyosho under the microscope; this review will feature their new, upcoming, Land Rover Defender 90 in three variants.  We have new the Heritage in Grasmere Green/Alaska White, the Autobiography in Corris Grey/Santorini Black, and finally the Adventure in Phoenix Orange/Santorini Black.  All three come from Kyosho’s diecast line.  Each features metal and plastic parts with full opening components.  Yes!

From an exterior stand point the basic design of the Land Rover Defender 90 featured here is relatively the same across the board.  What changes for the most part is the paint and the additional bell and whistles; I’ll do my best to detail the all.  My personal favourite of the trio is the elderly statement made by the Heritage.  The classic Grasmere Green is so perfect; the subtlety speaks volumes, well at least to me!  Kyosho’s paint work is excellent here.  This statement is true for the Autobiography and Adventure models too.  Shut-lines and panel gaps are very good, though I would have liked a little better fit on the front hood.

You can definitely see how a simple paint job can transform the look and edginess of each piece.  The Autobiography and Adventure feature a more in your face paint theme – Orange/Black and Black/Grey, something the young generation may gravitate to.  It’s more than just the paint other exterior bits define each piece and make it unique.  You’ll notice on the Adventure the full roof rack with rear access ladder and grab bar.  Assembly is required here.  Not to worry, it went together in seconds without a hitch (no pun intended!).

There is also a full air intake/snorkel setup.  Very cool.  Notice the Sliver running boards on both side and matching front protection plate.

The Autobiography is a little more refined; exterior features more traditional runners but the protection plate front is the same as the Adventure.  Also the Autobiography is also the only one of the three to feature a rear bumper.

Each model features access to the motor and interior bits.  I like the metal hinge work all around.  Operation is flawless on all three too.

The Defender 90’s front fascia execution is done well.  Land Rover badge is different in design and placement on all three, execution is excellent.  Perforated grilles are found all around too.  My only gripe would be the solid plastic bit featured on top of the hood – driver and passenger side.

The rear section of the Defender 90’s features a matching spare tire, each unique to the specific model.  Access to the interior is available and completed with the same hinge engineering found on the side doors.  Large rubber mud-flaps complete the look.  Note the  difference on the three models.  Nice attention to detail.

Wheels are found different on all three models.  Each set is executed well; this includes the paint, fit and finish and tires.  As you move to the undercarriage side you’ll notice a good amount of detail.  Unfortunately the suspension here is rigid with zero compression.  Also the steering ability of the front wheels is limited as well.  Overall not too shabby!

Moving to the motor access is given with the use of metal hinges.  Operation is flawless, but you are limited in the lift height.  You can basically get the prop-rod underneath not a hair more.  Overall motor detail is decent.  We have a 3-D appearance and painted bits which provide depth and realism to the pieces.  Note the motor is mirrored across all three models.  On the con side, quality control over looked a missing prop-rod on one of the three model.

Inside the Defender 90 each interior footprint is basically the same.  What changes is the colour theme, see photos for more detail.  Fantastic flocking and fabric seat-belts with metal buckles are found front and rear.  Though the interior is clean and on point, it does lack somewhat in overall refinement.  I will say it does improve as the interior colour moves to a darker shade.

Kyosho’s trio Defender 90’s provide something for everyone – be it low key or over the top, the models do excel and create excitement for all ages.  It was a blast to review and photograph the trio, and very refreshing to have a diecast model with opening parts in hand once again.  Kyosho’s attention to detail is great and very welcoming, with a hobby full of stagnant resin pieces.  These beauties will retail for $149US each or lower and should be available nationally by the end of Q2 2017.  Kyosho’s immediate competition is the soon to be released Defender 90 Heritage piece from Almost Real, though I’m not sure what or where pricing will land.  Enjoy the pics!

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15 Responses to "REVIEW: Defender of the Crown – Kyosho’s Land Rover Trio"

  1. George K says:

    Very nice! Tough choice on which to get, although the price is so reasonable, I may get all 3!

  2. Roberto says:

    Thanks for the review, I’ve been wondering when these would finally be released. I agree that the green one is probably the nicest. A shame about the solid suspension though!

  3. IB_04 says:

    When is the release date in Europe?

  4. Alex says:

    I have been considering getting one of these Kyosho Land Rovers for a while now but after seeing this review I definitely want them!

  5. Nitro Gaming says:

    I agree that the green one is probably the nicest. A shame about the solid suspension though!

  6. Sac says:

    Good review…will most likely get all three !.

  7. smsr725 says:

    Have bagged all three… and must say, one of the best purchases for me :D

  8. Lausambaychua says:

    Currently, the only one in the trio I’m missing is the Autobiography, although I will consider between it and the Defender from Almost Real. I do think Almost Real used the same mould and maybe tooling with Kyosho, with more details though.

  9. Rodrigo says:

    Got the advenure version (orange) and I must say, I am very DISAPPOINTED.

    The left door (driver) has a manufacturing issue (I have seen other models on videos with the same problem) it does not close, it is out of place and can’t be closed. The problem is not the hinge, it is in the body that was not built right so it pushes the upper hinge back.
    The painting has significant color difference from the door to the body, you can notice even on low light.

    The front wheels are kinda stuck in place and can’t be moved easly like in other miniatures.

    I have other kyosho miniatures, autoart, maisto, bburago so I know what to expect from each manufacturer. Kyosho did a poor job on this.

    Other details are nice, the motor, the interior, but the paint job and the miniature functions (doors, trunk, hood) should be amongst the main concerns when building a miniature.

    My apologies for any mispelling, English is not my mother language.

  10. Peter says:

    Does anybody knows, if the in the Almost Real Models-Catalogue 2016 listed 1:18 scale Land Rover Defender 90 Final Edition Autobiography 2015 in Corris grey met. / Santorini black (810203) have ever been realised? Or is this late on schedule?
    I could not find anything on the Internet. Model would actually be the same (except some more precise finish-details, especially door-hinges and a significantly higher price), like the one from KYOSHO …

  11. Anup says:

    Hello Team,

    Would want to know if do these scale model available in India. Which website or dealers who sell.
    Looking for HUE166

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