REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volkswagen Passat W8 Sedan •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volkswagen Passat W8 Sedan

Words courtesy of Sergiu (aka Playcars)


We just received some fresh material from our friends and favourite team in the model cars industry, DNA Collectibles.  This is an opportunity not to be missed to start a new presentation. Of course, the subject must be unique, the scale 1:18 and made of high quality.  These elements are already a motto for the company with their brief yet solid history to date.

In this review, we will present the scale replica of the Volkswagen Passat W8, somehow a rare and subtle presence in automotive history. I’m sure the real petrolheads know what we are speaking about and for the ones who collect special model cars, this is a huge opportunity.  Why you may ask? Because if you haven’t seen a W8 model before, you won’t see anyone in the future.  So, if you are intrigued by this sort of car, don’t wait long to obtain one, numbers are limited.  To be exact a limited edition of only 320 pieces, individually numbered too.

This Passat version is a subtle appearance, but elegant through design and our fresh unboxed model reveals it from the first sight, providing a perfect painted body that comes paired with a very desirable beige interior. Exterior wise we have a great finished model in its every single component with a lot of fine details. This model offers every unique detail to be considered a high-end replica: perorated grilles, metallic photo-etched trim, chromed logos, all of which are completed with high-quality materials.

I like in particular the lights, made with clear lenses and different coloured bulbs truly replicated to the real deal. Using the metallic photo-etched thin stripes to replicate the chrome trim and the window frames was a brilliant idea because the final result is definitely eye-catching!  It doesn’t matter how little the exterior badge work is, DNA has it fixed in place.  For example, we are to speak about the “W8” lettering on the front grill and we have the precise effects and colours for the logos in the rear side. Of course, the double exhausts are here with the entire final part being replicated as an individual part and visible underneath.

If we are to consider the traditional BBS rims for this model and the visible brake system behind them with separate calipers and different sized brake rotors.  From an exterior perspective, the package is just perfect. Overall, if you’re looking for beautiful details and a high finish level, this is the model for you. Not to forget about the accuracy: perfect sized metallic flakes in the paint, different sized lateral mirrors like on the real car, separate key bolt and central logos for the rim’s cap.  The details are here!

The interior is perfect, fit and finishes reveal great attention to detail.  For example, inscription on the levers, wood trim, fabric seat belts, on mode for the navigation screen and a single made logo in the center of the steering wheel. What the model really misses is the flocking on the floor, a surprising decision, to be honest, maybe this is the model where this detail should not be avoided.

The DNA Collectibles Volkswagen Passat W8 was made after the same recipe as past successes and puts together an elegance in craftsmanship.  Fine details and a lot of passion are definitely evident from the team. As I already know since I open the box for the first time, the model inside can’t be wrong, because DNA Collectibles is a team of enthusiasts and professionals.  The only question I have, will the Passat W8 variant be coming soon? But just in case you can still have yours today here.   Find DNA Collectibles here:

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  1. Veneno says:

    Thank you for the review and photos. I have been thinking of buying this model ever since it came out. IMHO, I would rather not have flocking in a sealed model, imagine flocking materiel sticking on the windows with no way to clean them off, unless taking the car apart.

  2. Jean-Marie says:

    Pooooor quality!

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