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DCOTM Chatwaruth Musigchai – March 2020

Another DCOTM feature is amongst us for March 2020.  This collection comes from Bangkok, Thailand, his name Chatwaruth Musigchai.  As of August 2019, Chatwaruth’s collection was 600+ plus strong.  We are sure that the number is closer to 700+ today.  Chatwaruth doesn’t particularly collect one theme or marquee, his collection is vast, and the ultimate goal is to have some sort of scale model representation “across ALL time periods – that is from 1886- to present”.  That is some goal!  Keep up the passion Chatwaruth!

Everyone, help me in congratulating Chatwaruth on his win! Thanks again Chatwaruth, for driving the passion for this great hobby we all love and share, hopefully, you received the decal in the mail! Click HERE to see Chatwaruth’s feature.

To enter your collection for consideration and win a DiecastSociety.com decal, please review the following guidelines HERE

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