REVIEW: Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 •

REVIEW: Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

The latest addition is the Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 by Hot Wheel Elite.  I really wasn’t interested in the earlier release of the Elvis Presley car, something about the spoke wheels and the colour just didn’t sit well with me. And it ain’t a Ferrari if it doesn’t come in RED…  The 308 was introduced in the early seventies, was the first Ferrari to feature a mid-engine V8, and was the first Ferrari designed by Bertone rather than Pininfarina.

About the model…  What can I say another stunning effort from the HWE team.  The interior work is one of their best to date, so detailed and clean it looks like the real thing.  Motor detail is excellent as well, I’m starting to think Hot Wheels are setting the bar where others need to learn and follow.  Shut lines are very good, so good in fact that the front hatch took me 5 minutes to open, thank goodness for toothpicks as the traditional tool (the found with Kyosho diecasts) wasn’t up to the task.  The decals are solid too, reminiscence of the period.  Check out the photos of the front wiper blades and door handles, beautifully execute as well.  I honestly could not find any glaring issues with this model, it’s that good!  If I had to change one thing I may have asked for an alternative choice of rim.  Searching the net you find some terrific examples of this 308 on track and on-street, well done HWE!  Enjoy the pics!

ferrari_dino308gt4  ferrari_dino308gt42  ferrari_dino308gt43

ferrari_dino308gt44  ferrari_dino308gt45   ferrari_dino308gt47

ferrari_dino308gt48  ferrari_dino308gt49  ferrari_dino308gt410

ferrari_dino308gt411  ferrari_dino308gt412  ferrari_dino308gt413

ferrari_dino308gt414  ferrari_dino308gt415  ferrari_dino308gt416

ferrari_dino308gt417  ferrari_dino308gt418


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  1. Dcarrozza says:

    The only fault that I see is it hasn´t pop-up lights.

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