REVIEW: KengFai Audi R8 V10 GT RWD •

REVIEW: KengFai Audi R8 V10 GT RWD

The last “hurrah” to Audi´s R – yes, it´s supposed to rhyme, hence the extreme abbreviation of its baroque nomenclature. The Audi R8 V10 GT RWD marks the end, the capstone of Audi´s R8 model range, again featuring the distinctive, yet controversial blade on its flank. Some merely saw Audi´s V10 sports car as a more bourgeoise, tamer Lamborghini spin-off, some, vice versa, the Gallardo and Huracan as a glorified Audi. This last R8 is clearly meant to assertively make an aggressive statement of Audi´s supercar status.

Much of what was said about KengFai´s Audi R8 Spyder is fortunately and consistently still true for the R8 V10 GT RWD, with KengFai “capturing the overall shape and design so well. The paintwork is impeccable, complete with the pearl effect found in the […] paint. Carbon fibre accents adorn various exterior components, such as the small winglets on the lower bumpers, mirrors, side blades, and rear upper spoiler.” Only the R8 V10 GT RWD generously features so much more of it with the addition of canards, a massive rear spoiler, a more pronounced front splitter and an elaborate rear diffuser.

KengFai has not lost previously given “credit for capturing most, if not all, of the intricate details. As previously mentioned, the lower winglets on the spoiler are beautifully rendered in carbon fibre. Even the little intake on the inner side of the headlights is faithfully recreated. The only slight miss here is the absence of perforated grilles; they are solid mesh instead.”

No changes on the “access to the front storage compartment […], showcasing the Audi four rings emblem on the hood. While there’s no decal but an embedded emblem on the hood, the overall aesthetic might leave some room for improvement. A true emblem would have been the optimal choice. Inside, the attention to detail is above average, with true struts on either side, a fully flocked storage area, and OEM badges on either side of the lower outer sections. The operation of the hood itself works seamlessly.”

On the rear, much has inevitably changed over the Spyder, with the GT being a coupe. Gone has the perforated grille on the service flap with the engine being much more visible – and accessible – through the transparent rear window engine cover that incorporates heating wires and opens on two struts. The engine has perforated mesh in between to separate the V8 banks, labelled fluid caps and a carbon fibre engine cover that could have been much nicer without a blotch of glue on it.

The wheels, of course, have changed too much sportier black R8 GT3 rims with a silver valve and red labelling, offering a generous view of the detailed brakes and calipers, while the tires remain unbranded.

The interior now is a much soberer black with adorably fine red stitching on the dashboard, door cards, seats and centre console, which this time opens to reveal cupholders, while the Spyder apparently had no “accessible storage compartments”. Flocking and sporty red fabric seatbelts further contribute to the interior´s quality. Fingerprint marks of glue residue clearly do not.

Speaking of quality, what did not endear me to the model unreservedly was a scratch on the driver´s side window, the aforementioned blotch on the engine, glue fingerprints on the passenger side of the centre console and the fact that one of the tail lights lenses was misapplied, leaving a visible gap revealing the silver interior. That is why this specimen was returned. An absolute novelty, though, is that the retailer refuses to replace it or let me buy another one. In reply to my confusion, they said: “I will give you a full refund after I receive your returned item. I do not recommend you to continue to buy this item, it does have many defects, I had an argument with KengFai company yesterday about the quality of this product because there are many after-sales problems.”

In many respects, KengFai plays in the Premier League of 1:18 model manufacturers, but there is still a gap to be closed to be at the top of this league with Almost Real, e.g. in terms of QC. The reply by the retailer, having sold more than 40 of these, speaks volumes. Would you have kept it?

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  1. DS Team says:

    My sample arrived today, not without issue. See the photo I attached to the series above. A little glue residue and a small chip. Unacceptable to pass QC!

    • Karsten says:

      By comparison, both yours and mine have rather minor issues. I have seen far worse, broken off canards and broken rear diffusers etc. Every dealer tells you to stay away from it.

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