REVIEW: Kyosho | OUSIA Range Rover Evoque Trio •

REVIEW: Kyosho | OUSIA Range Rover Evoque Trio

Kyosho sent us a new trio of SUVs, this time around we feature the 1:18 Range Rover Evoque in Firenze Red, Santorini Black (Ember Limited Edition), and Corris Grey. All come from their OUSIA series, which are manufactured in diecast metal with closed-body design.

The Ranger Rover Evoque name has been around for a number of years now, I personally think it’s the cat’s meow based on the assortment of Range Rovers today.  The fresh, somewhat crushed appearance hits the mark style wise!

From an exterior view the trio of models doesn’t differ much, though the torch for the most unique of the three definitely goes to the Santorini Black, stated by Kyosho as the “Ember Limited Edition”.  What makes it different is the Black painted wheels, deleted chrome lettering from rear embossed Ranger Badge and Red exterior accents.  Paint work is completed very well on all three samples as the photos will show.  No issue with shut-lines or panel gaps here, they are near perfect.  As expected from a fully sealed replica.

The front of the Evoque is dominated by two side grills, unfortunately for us both are crafted in solid bits as well as the centre grills, top and bottom.  This is where cost out for $99US suggested retail makes an appearance.  Nice work of the embossed Ranger Rover logo and chrome work within the lettering.  Headlight and tun signal detail is above average for sure.

Moving to the rear the execution throughout is on point and clean.  Notable mentions once again go to the Ranger Rover badging (centre) and photo-etched Evoque badge (left).  Taillight detail is nice with Red, Black  and White colour separation.

Nothing to show you motor wise, though the undercarriage does show some detail, it includes exhaust and rear muffler.  Suspension bits are formed into the plastic bottom cover.  Somewhat crude, but it’s expected based on price point.

Wheels on the Evoque are nicely executed.  As we mentioned earlier the Ember Limited Edition in Black does differ slightly from the group with Black painted wheels and Green logo centre.  Calipers and rotors are standard throughout the trio.

Inside the Evoque the interior for all three are completed in Black.  Dash elements are much the same, with Silver appointments to instrument elements.  The only difference I could identify with the three is the colour of the dash panel just above the glove box.  Overall the execution is clean front and rear, the model does not feature carpeting and seat-belts are moulded in the interior shell.

If you’re looking for a representation of the Evoque in scale because you’re 1:1 owner or a fan of SUV’s like myself the replica from Kyosho is a solid, no nonsense piece.  It is competitively priced at $99US, and mirrors the competition from the likes of OttOmobile and GT Spirit in overall detail and finish.  The trio should be on sale within the next few months, slightly longer is some parts of the globe.  Certainly checkout the trio online or on your next visit to your favourite brick and mortar location.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Richard says:

    Nice Review! Hope Kyosho would make the diecast version with full opening, that would be really nice! But ehhh……………Anyway Keep Up the good work!

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