REVIEW: MINIKRAFT Models Audi RS7 Sportback •

REVIEW: MINIKRAFT Models Audi RS7 Sportback

This car needs no introduction, it is the Audi RS7 Sportback. Read any true automotive magazine, or Google a video on the car. It eats up the competition! For a car the size of my dad’s old ’78 Cougar, this wolf in sheep’s clothing sure does fly! A Korean manufacturer MINIKRAFT Models recently took up a project to create a limited production number diecast model, under their sub-brand named ‘Gravitas’. Only 300 lucky collectors will get the chance to own one of these truly exclusive, low-production pieces. In this day of resin models out-pacing metal 5:1, a diecast version of a personal favourite is refreshing, to say the least. The Audi RS7 Sportback is currently only available through the MINIKRAFT Models website. Retail is set at $279US. Not bad when you consider the 300 worldwide exclusivity count. On to the review.



Since this is our first MINIKRAFT Model review, I decided to start with the exterior packaging. The box is totally black and constructed of top-quality, rigid cardboard material. There is a secondary red band, which wraps the box that highlights the exclusivity of the piece. The rear side has more informational text and whatnot. Inside, the model is housed in a styrofoam shell. Our sample model arrived without a scratch. There is also a set of instructions, which highlight the model’s numerous features, along with a certificate of authenticity. You can clearly see our piece is noted as ‘Sample’.



This sucker is BIG and weighs in as a properly addressed diecast model should be.  The exterior lines of the Audi RS7 Sportback are very good when compared to the original car. The Misano Red exterior paint is rich, deep, and consistent throughout.  Even the silver accent bits are done well.  The package looks much better in person than my basic photo skills can capture.  Shutlines are good and panel gaps the same.  Again, consistency is the key here.  I believe the only miss I can see is the absence of the rooftop aerial/NAV.



Ensuring their mark, the exterior also features a functioning moon-roof and gas flap.  The operation here is flawless, though I could not figure out if the moon-roof does fully open.  Instructions were somewhat ambiguous.  Anyone?


The front fascia is beautifully executed too.  There is a lot going on within the Audi RS7 front section.  The aerodynamics of the lower bumper, silver and chrome paint and headlight detail are all crafted well.  The lower grilles on the bumper are solid pieces,  and at this price point, they should be perforated.  Also, I wish MINIKRAFT would have used the white license plate as they did in their pre-production sample.


The rear on the Audi RS7 Sportback is just gorgeous, it screams ‘don’t mess with me!’ and MINIKRAFT’s replica follows suit.  The quality of materials and execution is top-notch.  The storage area is fully carpeted too.  There is also a secondary cover you can lift to access the spare.  The upper deck of the lid features a fully functioning spoiler.  The operation is flawless and authentic to the original car.  Nice touch MINIKRAFT!


One of my favourite elements of a diecast replica is the wheels.  Let me tell you, MINIKRAFT’s execution is extremely good.  The finish on the wheels is so good that, in fact, they look real!  Brake calipers and rotors are top-notch too, but I would have preferred the carbon-ceramic option for the rotor here.  The model also rides on a spring-loaded suspension, each corner independent.



The heart of the Audi RS7 Sportback is powered by 560 horsepower, 4.0 V8 TSFI, twin-turbo motor.  MINKRAFT’s execution is for the most part solid.  Yes, there is some compromising for fitting in the hinge work and hood struts for scale, but the meat and potatoes of the beast is here!  I like their layer effect by incorporating colours, plastics, and decals.  It looks sharp, I’m sure you will agree.

The undercarriage is detailed too, though it is not to the same standards as the rest of the model.  All suspension bits are in black, while the exhaust from front to rear is painted in silver.  She is definitely above average for sure.  See photos below.



All four doors open on the Audi RS7 Sportback. The interior is all business in all-black finish, quite fitting against the red exterior.  All the elements are here, along with quality materials and quality of the fit and finish.  I love their execution of the quilted fabric pattern in the front and rear seats.  It doesn’t look cheap, quite the opposite, it adds to an already beautifully crafted interior.


My expectations of MINIKRAFT’s Audi RS7 Sportback were high, and it delivered on all accounts.  Exterior, interior, motor and all the specials details are a treat for the senses for sure.  Coupled with MINIKRAFT’s attention and dedication to bring a great product to market, they have definitely succeeded!  Folks, this is a low production replica of 300, so if you’re on the fence you better act now as they will not last for long.

MINIKRAFT great model, thank you for the sample and opportunity to review this Audi RS7 Sportback in detail.  Enjoy the pics!

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20 Responses to "REVIEW: MINIKRAFT Models Audi RS7 Sportback"

  1. awhk says:

    Solid model for sure. For its price, I really hope the bonnet hinge is better designed, but then it is miles better made then the Minichamps RS6. The rear doors won’t even open! I will definitely get this RS7 if they offer it in other colours (Estoril Blue, Suzuka Grey, Nardo Grey, etc.). Maybe the facelifted version.

    • DS Team says:

      This model is miles better than the Minichamps, I own that one too. Based on the subject matter and the rarity of any “RS” badged Audis in diecast I can overlook look the hinge work. It may have been a cost cutting measure based on low production run.

  2. Jason Zheng says:

    I already got this. It’s definitely cool. I truly hope more colors will come. I will buy them all!!!

  3. Soman P.K.Nair says:

    Would like to inquire to purchase the RS7 Fastback. Shipping required to Malaysia.
    thank you
    soman nair

  4. Porsche993 says:

    I’m not into Audis and definitely do not fancy this car (the aesthetics don’t draw me in the same way the BMW 3 series GT and the 4 and 6 Gran Coupes don’t) but I can really appreciate the intricacies put into this model. You usually only see stuff like this in models of older racing cars made by Exoto and/or CMC, and I am glad that Minikraft is giving street cars the same treatment. Can’t wait to see what they will do next. I hope the paint is cleanly applied like Autoart’s. One thing I noticed with older AA models in particular is that they are less prone to rash and bubbling unlike Kyoshos.

  5. Roberto says:

    Any insight as to how you got it shipped to you? The MiniKraft website won’t calculate shipping to USA.

    • DS Team says:

      The model was sent as a sample directly from MINIKRAFT in Korea.

    • Archie says:

      It’s $45 USD to the U.S. It actually arrived much quicker than I expected – maybe a little over a week.
      I didn’t know the sunroof slid back. Or that the fuel filler opened. Or that you could get to the spare tire compartment. Or that the spoiler could be raised. Gotta RTFM!

  6. JS Coleman says:

    Another premium manufacturer who is willing to use proper diecast? Here’s to them, says I.

  7. EDIB says:

    Amazing model and review, but the price, yikes… but then again its got a functional moon roof, gas cap and spoiler… and its in diecast kudos!

    PS: I too agree about the PMA RS6 sucking big time for lack of opening rear doors, their RS4 saloon and Avant are amazing and I would have had the RS6 join them if it were for those #%#% doors,(Norev doors open these days)

    • DS Team says:

      You also need to understand the cost is also largely reflective of the low production run of 300. Exclusivity and rarity sometimes cost more.

  8. Michel Najjar says:

    Hi, I really want this model but I got some trouble with the link of Minekaft’s page. Can I get some help? Thanks a lot.

  9. Ricardo Rodriguez morales says:

    A cunto lo das

  10. Maxie says:

    Finally got this! It’;s as every bbit as the description which was my main motivator to acquire it. Pushing the scales at 1.5kg + though!

  11. Nik says:

    When I can buy this car please?

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