REVIEW: Paragon BMW (F82) M4 Coupe •

REVIEW: Paragon BMW (F82) M4 Coupe

The BMW F82 M4 is the high-performance version of the 4 series automobile.  It takes over where the E92/E93 M3 left off, at the dismay of the M3 purist for sure.  Nonetheless the new generation M car features a very powerful and responsive, twin turbocharged engine with improved handling, suspension, and braking systems.  Along side aerodynamic body enhancements and interior/exterior accents with the tri-colour “M” badge to boot. That brings us to our latest review, Paragon’s 1:18 replica of the BMW M4 (F82) Coupe.


The model we present here is the BMW Dealer Edition finished in Yas Marina Blue.  And if you seen the packaging first hand you know it truly lives up to the BMW standards of quality and execution.  Enough of the packaging.

The Paragon BMW M4 Coupe is made of diecast with fully opening bits – this includes front and rear and interior access.  A one-time standard is now a rarity in this format today for sure.  The exterior lines of the Paragon replica are fitting.  Panel gaps and shutlines are very good.  Paint is excellent, I see no issues throughout.



The front fascia features 3D hood emblem, nice attention to detail on the upper centre grilles and headlights.  Though the miss here is on the lower grilles, as these are solid bits of plastic.  Nothing major, but I would prefer perforated pieces here.  Moving to the rear we see the same.  Quality taillights and rear exhaust tips are front and centre.  The rear boot opens to reveal a fully carpeted interior.


As the photos with show the motor is highly detailed with layers and depth.  It is definitely one of the strong points of this model.  Great job Paragon!  There are no fancy hinges as we see on typical AUTOart effort, but Paragon is embracing a lower, more affordable price point.


The wheels on Paragon’s models have always been a topic of discussion.  Many claim the size is too small, I do agree, but seeing this model first hand has proven the issue is grossly overly emphasized.  If this is holding you back from purchasing the model, you are missing out from a true gem!  Trust me.  What Paragon presents with the BMW M4 Coupe is a nicely executed package – this includes rims, rotors and the delicious gold brake calipers.  Nice touch!  For those that are not convinced Paragon is awaiting approval for a revision of the M4 with larger diameter wheels.  Hopefully BMW gives them them the a okay!



Flip the model to its undercarriage side and you will see highly detailed suspension components, exhaust and rear diff and related bits.  Very impressive based on price point, and something you will not get with our resin brick counterparts.  The car also features a spring loaded suspension.  Well done Paragon!


Interior wise the BMW M4 Coupe is treated to a two-tone interior. Dash, centre console and doors are black with silver accents while the seats front and rear are light white/gray.  We also enjoy a fully carpeted interior with fabric seat-belts front and rear.  The craftsmanship is impressive the entire package works well.


Paragon’s BMW M4 Coupe is very impressive model on all fronts.  It proves to be a high-end replica without the high-end price tag!  This particular model cost me less than $110CND.  I’m going to say it, the Paragon M4 Coupe is just a good as any opening price point AUTOart, maybe better, though it lacks the refinement of the hood hinge work it makes up for it on all other elements of design.  Who says great diecast replicas can’t be made affordable any more.  Folks don’t believe all the hype some of the other manufactures are trying to feed you, because Paragon definitely is!  Enjoy the pics!

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bmw_F82m4coupe9 bmw_F82m4coupe10 bmw_F82m4coupe13

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: Paragon BMW (F82) M4 Coupe"

  1. Frank says:

    Hear, hear! I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Ruffx says:

    Um…I’ll choose to miss out :) Anyone see a standard M4 with tiny wheels as on this model? A beast of a machine requires suitably appropriate footwear :)

  3. JS Coleman says:

    For producing a decent model which actually opens like a decent model, Paragon will be getting a Christmas card from me this year. And quite possibly my money.

  4. Javier Poza says:

    Os acordais del BMW M3 E46???? La primera edicion que hizo Kyosho tenia el mismo problema que este M4 de paragon. El modelo estaba bien, pero el tamaño de las llantas estropeaba el conjunto. Todo quedó arreglado con la reedición del modelo CS. Si es cierto que paragon está estudiando reeditarlo con llantas mas grandes, vendrá a mi casa seguro! coupé y cabrio.

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