REVIEW: Premium ClassiXXs 1:12 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Dealer Edition •

REVIEW: Premium ClassiXXs 1:12 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Dealer Edition

Words and photos courtesy of Wes Shakirov / StratosWRC


When I think of the 300SL, I picture it in this colour combination – silver exterior with red interior. For some reason, PC decided to offer this combination only as a limited Dealer Edition (limited to 500 pieces, but I could be wrong), which made it rather hard to find. Thankfully I was given a heads up and quickly snapped it up at a decent price, and locally as well. The model isn’t very heavy, and there is a considerable amount of plastic. This is expected, however, and doesn’t detract from the charm that much. After all, Premium ClassiXXs 1/12 scale models are meant to give good value for the money, so let’s see just how good.


The exterior looks excellent, and the paint is mostly great. There are places with extreme curvatures, like the space between the grille and the headlights, where it starts to look a little funny, but no harm done. I’m no expert on things like stance, but nothing looks obviously off, so the authenticity of the original is communicated well. The famous gullwing doors will stay open for as long as you desire. In fact, I display the car this way.


The suspension is fully functional, which is always nice.



I’m happy to report that the front grille is perforated! The details such as badges and lights are well executed, but the photo-etch pieces are very fragile. For some reason PC decided to put protective stickers over all the photo-etch details, so when you’re pulling them off, the adhesive is so strong that it pulls the badges along as well, which, needless to say, is an undesired effect. There is also a conspicuous mold line on the front bumper, but it’s no big deal.


The rims are knock-offs, that sadly don’t knock off, but look great and I prefer these to the other style that some contemporary 300SLs came with. The tires are extremely well-detailed, with all the markings and tread pattern found on the original tire.


The engine is very well detailed, with all the little warning labels and print faithfully reproduced. The throttle cable/spring is a detail that stands out. The hood comes with two props, a small one that folds on the left side, and a large one that can be removed. You’ll notice a rather large gob of glue residue there – tisk tisk!





The hood cover received proper hinges, so you must be thinking ‘but why does the trunk have dog-legs?’ But wait, it’s alright, because the real car also has dog-legs in the trunk, so all is well here. There is even a trunk prop for good measure. The trunk is mostly taken up by a spare. Not very visible in the picture are a hammer for the knock-offs (hence the ‘knock’) and a jack. Very well done, overall. The interior is a real treat, as it is red and pretty as hell. Before I get to that, however, note that PC even included functional flappy windows! Lovely detail.




The steering wheel folds, like on the real car, the gauges are legible, and the facia/dashboard is shiny. In other words, an extremely satisfying interior. The low point would be that great monster of a suitcase resting behind the seats. It is very plastic and very fixed. The seats are plastic as well. The gear shifter stands at attention and sports legible detail on the knob.


The under-body is not very eventful, but I’ll include a picture so you can see for yourself.


So there you have it! Is the model good value for the money, as PC intended? Absolutely. Should you get one if you collect 1/12 scale? Yes! Even better if you can find it in this colour combination, but then again that is up to you. It also comes in red, white, and black, if memory serves. The photo-etch badges coming off could be due to the safety stickers having been applied for too long. The glue ages and becomes less flexible, so the stickers have to be pulled off ASAP. That’s my theory anyway. I’m very happy to have this model and I highly recommend it if you’re on the fence about getting one.

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  1. Great model for the price. There was also another color produced in a very small quantity, as a limited edition….. very rare now. Dark Gray, which is the color I purchased over a year ago.

  2. João Pedro says:

    I have the white/blue one and I like it very much. it´s also 500 units limited (I think all color schemes are). I agree with your review in almost every part of it and I think the main problem is the photo-etch badges. But I disagree that the problem is with the stickers because the photo-etch badges are of very poor quality and come off easily while cleaning.

  3. Once long ago I purchased a Premium Classixx 1/12 BMW 328 . I felt that what I got for my money at that time was a model whose value far exceeded its price( I never see that car for sale anywhere ,now ) When I saw their Gull Wing appear, and took note of the price, I checked it out and bought one. I read your detailed description and set about checking the things you pointed out . I discovered that probably while cleaning and polishing with too rough a hand I lost a 0 in 300 SL on the trunk……I thought I had done the same thing with the entire lettering on the rocker panel behind the vents ,on the passenger side. I was sooo happy to find out that the lettering only appears on the driver’s side !! No FOUL ! .Mine is silver w/ dark blue interior, I would have preferred more color in the interior but the advantage to the dark blue is that the luggage doesn’t appear so toylike , but like yourself I could’ve lived without the luggage, or at least rather something removable instead, but that would probably asking too much at that price……..Anyway , I’ll wrap this up thanking you for your vision ,understanding of what’s important ,interesting ,satisfying in the working features of miniatures (love that steering wheel ). In any event the car presents really well right down to the faux hydraulic struts on the gull wing doors .The whole package is much in keeping with my 1st Premium Classixx 1/12 …..A lotta Diecast, a lotta detail for not a great deal of money !!

  4. Nicole Franko says:


    Where might I find one exactly like this to purchase?

    Thank you,


  5. Dale H Moody says:

    Looking for a new/like new model of this car in factory red with black interior.

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