REVIEW: Solido Volkswagen Beetle 1303 SCCA Rally •

REVIEW: Solido Volkswagen Beetle 1303 SCCA Rally

Solido has been holding there own with their budget concise models.  Still providing 1:18 fans with a diecast metal replica, which is something of a lost art today.  Expanding on the SCCA Rally Series, the team last June released their version of the 1:18 Volkswagen Beetle 1303.  Retail for this example is suggested $44.95 Euro or about $67 CND.  The model itself does feature access to the interior and steerable wheels; the rest of the model is sealed.

Exterior wise the base Orange paint is consistent throughout.  Flat Black paint on the front hood and side lower runners follow the same.  Upper side cooling grilles are crafted with small solid plastic bits and the centre rear upper louvres and items directly below are executed with indents in the metal work.  Definitely signs on a budget entry level piece.

Exterior decal work is decent too.  I love the small decals on the rear window, driver side.  Finally, the shutlines are great on our example and the panel gaps on the doors are very acceptable too.

The front is dominated by four large Cibie lights, a brand that has been a staple in rally, and stands for absolute top quality in OEM and aftermarket lighting apparatus.  The execution here is average.  This includes the headlights and front bumper chrome work.

The rear of the Beetle 1303 is completely sealed.  No access to the motor.  Other than the two exhaust pipes and muffler the motor is off limits. Taillight material is good, definitely better than the from headlight work.

The undercarriage does present well.  More detail than I would have anticipated.  Suspension components, cooling apparatus and motor bottom end are visible, though slightly basic in overall appearance, but slightly ahead of a typical resin piece.

We did mention access to the interior is available.  Inside the basic interior does touch on all points, this includes the dash, centre console, and door cards, on closer examination the execution and appearance are basic and plastic like.  This is the trade-off for opening price point models.  The old school methods of dog-leg hinges are also incorporated into the doors.  Though slightly tough in operation the flow to open and close does work well.

The wheels on the Beetle 1303 are period correct (well I believe they are).  Paintwork and overall craftsmanship are very good too.  My only complaint is the loose nature of the rear wheels.  Our example is extremely loose and in some “stage” form, situations provided an over exaggerated camber.  No hint of any braking components either, but expected at this price point.

If your expectation is a well-refined model the Solido Volkswagen Beetle 130 SCCA Rally is not the model for you.  If one is looking for a decent example of a Beetle in rally form with a great price then serious consideration is recommended.  The model does present well.  Good paint, solid body lines, and the cool exterior Cibe quad lights do provide the charming.  And the 44.95 Euro price point is attractive too.  Enjoy the pics!

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5 Responses to "REVIEW: Solido Volkswagen Beetle 1303 SCCA Rally"

  1. M3d1an says:

    Do you recall a time when 1/18 autoart was less than 44,95??
    Solido proves there is a miniature for every nowadays budget.

  2. slartibartfast229 says:

    I have one of the earlier versions of this model, the Austrian ‘Salzburg’ rally car. I replaced the seats and added seat belts, installed a roll hoop with supports and a fire extinguisher. I felt these were the very least required to represent a competition version. Sadly the ‘A’ pillars are far too thick on the Solido, making the windscreen a very odd shape. If you want a 1303S beetle, spend a little more on the new Norev version – it’s far more accurate. And yes i know it has no opening parts, so it comes down to a decision as to which is more important. And don’t rule out the possibility of rally versions from Norev!

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