REVIEW: Tesla Semi (Dealer Edition) •

REVIEW: Tesla Semi (Dealer Edition)

Elon Musk has become a brand name.  Call him entrepreneur, genius, marketing attraction or a combination of them all, he, along with the Tesla brand is changing the landscape of automobiles forever.  Once EV seemed an idea, today they are entwined into car culture.  And it seems the most opposed or reluctant to change have jumped on the bandwagon of EV too.  If you don’t have a breath of EV in your assortment today, you aren’t ready for the revolution…

Back in December of 2019, we got our hands on our first EV from Tesla, the Roadster 2.0.  This is a supercar from Tesla that is testing the conventional of there ain’t no replacement for displacement.  With performance numbers challenging some of the greats!  Yet, the model in scale did arrive well before the 1:1, which is still undergoing R&D before heading for full production.  The Tesla Semi is the second model from Tesla, and yet again, another exclusive dealer edition that can be found online.  About $230 CND.

Crafted in 1:24 the presence of the model can be related to that of the larger specimen tailored in 1:18. This makes the Tesla Semi a perfect candidate for my collection – 99% of which is 1:18.  And touches themes of uniqueness and concepts, which I do have admiration for.

Exterior wise the model is 50/50 – 50% metal and 50% plastic.   The metal lies within the front section of the cab and extended to the top end of the front windshield.  The upper brow or aero portion on the design is plastic, as well most of the rear section.

The model here is based on the primary media photos of the Tesla Semi which was first introduced back in 2017.  As for overall excellence and design in scale, the model does deliver in spades for the most part.  Overall shape and design are on point.  Paint is fluid and excellent throughout, this includes both metal and plastic bits.

The Tesla Semi is all about maximizing aero-dynamics and efficiencies to prolong battery life.  So, one would expect the shut lines/panel gaps of the scale model to be aligned.  That is not the case, they aren’t as refined as they are perceived via the 1:1.

The complete the exterior side evaluation, there is also a hint of poor-quality control.  Our example arrived with a few issues with the exterior paint – areas of scratches target the left side upper/rear cab section and midline of the door.  A replacement is in the works.

The front section is static with no opening parts.  The lower grille is fully perforated – nothing to see in behind.  The upper centre Tesla emblem is an accurate photo-etched piece.  The pair of headlights are quality parts that also house the amber side marker inside.

The rear section of the Semi is basically executed in all plastic.  What is provided isn’t bad at all. First, the rear bumper provides intergraded lights with the Tesla logo centre.  The results here are very satisfying in my opinion. The lower Red/White markers are painted in place.

As you move forward on the rear deck.  The four massive wheels are clearly defined with tread patterns too. The inter-workings of the multiple electric motors and drive shafts are represented, though all is completed in all semi-sheen Black.  The results good and the level of intricate detail is there and extends to some of the braking apparatus.

The trailer locking mechanism is static in design.  The backend of the primary cab and related aero does provide some definition – the lower deck is textured, with grab handles on either side and two more on the exterior wall end.  Overall, the results here are pleasing.

In total six wheels move this Tesla Semi.  The front two provide the best view and are accurate to the original.  Tires here are about half the size of the rear, they steer as well – this movement also extends to the interior wheel.  One thing I need to mention, those who LOVE wheels that spin and spin freely, the Tesla Semi is the best example the team has seen to date.  There might be bearing provided in each axle due to weight that aids in the super-smooth feel.

Interior wise the Semi is accessible via both doors.  This is the only opening feature of the model.  Each door features are admirable metal/chrome handle flush with the metal panel.  The operation is easy and smooth; each door features a couple of hinges to aid in the operation.  On a side note, a couple of small magnets on each side would have definitely helped the shut line doing.

Once inside, this sparse interior is not the typical environment of a cargo hauler.  A single driver seat positioned in the centre is flanked with dual monitors, one on each side.  Multiple cup holders to the right feature the sheen/texture as presented on the original design.

The interior colour is all business competed in a matt finish with Black and Grey tones.  The steering wheel is connected to the front axles and the pedals below are in place.  Sorry, no photos to show.  Lastly, the retractable passenger seat in the rear is found in the open position.  It is static and does not offer the option to retract.

The Tesla dealer edition Semi is a total departure from their Tesla Roadster 2.0 as a means.  The Tesla Semi fit and finish are solid for the most part (minus the QC paint issues).  Uniqueness and presence cannot be argued, and I think long-term a fashionable addition to any collection, no matter your theme.  Price is high ($230 CND), however, this is usually the case with dealer editions of the exclusive variety.  Overall, thumbs up here, it comes recommended.  Enjoy the pics!

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7 Responses to "REVIEW: Tesla Semi (Dealer Edition)"

  1. Karsten says:

    Thanks for the review. It’s a pity that it’s not 1/18. It would have made a good car hauler for a load of its 1/18 brethren. Price is certainly cheeky when compared to NZG, Road Kings and Premium Classixxs offerings in 1 /18. The solitaire centre helm reminds me of the Wand Company Fallout truck from a more dystopian background.

    • Sac says:

      Exactly! I will wait for the 1/18 version if it comes out.

    • DS Team says:

      That would be nice to have but also requires a sizeable footprint to display. Most can’t afford the space, But, clearly, it helps us appreciate both persepctives and what each collector is looking for.

      • Karsten says:

        True, the display footprint is dinosaur size, butTesla’s offerings are inconsistent scalewise. The 1/24 scale collector may find Tesla cars, but the 1/18 merchandise customer does not find a truck. My guess is that the scale choice was made to achieve the uniform price all models have.

    • Atalante says:

      I am not collecting truck because they are outside of my theme but I find this one very cool. I will just echo the other comments that this should be have been in 1:18. But who knows maybe they will release the production version in the larger scale?

  2. JIMMY says:

    Thank you for the review. I agree with everyone that thinks this would’ve been great in 1:18. I wanted to ask you how displayable this was with 1:18 cars… does it look passable, or not really. A comparison pic with a 1:18 would’ve been good, but I do appreciate the review as-is! Ok

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