Super A New Audi RS6 2017 •

Super A New Audi RS6 2017

Now, this is what we’re talking about!  Full access model featuring the stunning Audi RS6 based on the fourth-generation car.  Exterior will be crafted in diecast metal and also feature LED lighting.  Colours include Red, Blue and Black, each limited to 555 pieces.  Suggested retail $239 US.  This Audi RS6 2017 is scheduled to arrive in November 2021. Question, do you think they nailed the overall exterior side?

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8 Responses to "Super A New Audi RS6 2017"

  1. Karsten says:

    Wow, excellent innovation. What’s the brand name? Super?

  2. Mike M Wiseman says:

    I bought the pearl white lancer evo IX with carbon fiber hood from Super A. Was only around $200 usd. I love the model. If they are producing a high end Audi in diecast with working interior/exterior lighting for $239. It shows that Almost Real needs to be slightly more realistic with their prices and Autoart just needs to retire…⚰🪦

  3. Ole Andre says:

    I have seen a video of the car and it looks very promesing for sure

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