REVIEW: The Wand Company Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck •

REVIEW: The Wand Company Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck

A few years back the team at The Wand Company sent one of the most unusual if not the most unique pieces we have reviewed here to date.  This model was called the ‘Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle’.  And if you’re familiar with the Fallout video game you would easily recognize it!  A few weeks back we received another sample from their Fallout series, this one is called ‘Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck’. Which first appeared in Fallout 3.  We find this one as unique as the last, and the base for our review.

If you take the time to read the last review of the Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle you will know The Wand company goes that extra mile with their exterior packaging, this example is just as good – a naked box with specially designed full-colour Nuka-Cola jacket wrap.

The Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck is 1:18 scale and features a diecast metal and plastic design – the plastic is relegated to the rear box structure for obvious reasons; cost and weight saving. The plastic structure begins just above the Silver paint and rear wheel arches.  Did we mention this thing is huge!  Well over a foot, about 15 inches total.

As with the Pick-R-Up Utility Vehicle, this Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck carries a few additional special features.  As you tilt the front cab section forward the engine lights up with a nuclear glow energy pack in check.  Also, the interior side of the cab features full lighting.  Open either door and the cabin section comes to life.  Epic!  We captured the coolness for each in the provided video.

The truck also comes equipped with a Nuka-Cola pin, a unique license plate set (not one is the same), a license document, Nuka-Cola Corporation’s official Million-Mile letter, and a manual.  Production is limited to 3000 pieces, and mould is thereby retired.  Purchase one HERE if interested.

Out of the box, the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck sure looks sharp!  It will positively make a great conversion piece and a neat addition to display in-home office or your scale model/man cave.  As mentioned, the exterior is a mix of metal and plastic.  Access is provided to the interior, motor and rear storage – tailgate and doors in the rear do open.  Driver and passenger side mirrors do require installation.  This is achieved by aligning the two arms into the two holes, no glue is required here.

Exterior paint is defined as Cherry Red Metallic.  On the whole, the paint is beautifully applied to the front and rear section, however, we did find a slight variance in the overall Red finish.  It appears the rear is slightly darker than the front cabin side.  Along with the Red exterior, there is a good mix of Silver and chrome, overall positive marks from our team.

As for shut lines are panel gaps, the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck is decent, but lacks the attention that one would see in a more expensive priced model.  The rear tailgate being the biggest offender here.

The front section of the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck features a classic styling and a massive solid grille.  Just above, in the centre, you’ll note a 3D Nuka-Cola emblem.  Non-traditional headlamps are huge and provide a nostalgic feel.  The detail here is above average.

Access to the motor is provided by tilting the entire cab forward.  This is easily achieved by using the plastic step on either side of the cab.  Operation on our example was flawless.  Once inside the V8 motor is exposed; lights automatically come on as you swing open the cab.  Note, The Wand Company does supply you with the batteries!

The definition of the rear cab structure is decent.  As for the motor, the overall look is cartoonish, but this is the appearance The Wand Company was looking for.  The nuclear core can be removed for inspection and will glow green depending on the intensity of light.

Inside the driver will be accommodated with the basic luxuries.  The exterior Metallic Red is found throughout.  We appreciate the definition of the steering column and dash elements. And we already mentioned the cabin is automatically illuminated once either door is opened.  Neat!

Wheels are basic plastic pieces.  Chrome work is very good and the front wheel does provide steering.  The rear wheels are double in size and paired in two.

Moving to the rear the first thing you’ll notice of the attractive, retro Nuka Cola decals.  The lower section provides some unique reverse lighting and taillight, each bringing decent detailing.  There is also a spot for the provided one-off license plate decal if you choose to install it.

Three doors are accessible here too, lower tailgate and two upper doors.  Hinge work is quality, but as we hinted to earlier the lower tailgate doesn’t fully retract to the close position and does display an unfortunate shut line.   Inside the bare essentials for sure, the storage area is plastic in treatment, and other than the textured floor it is simple in design.

Overall, we’re quite is impressed with the end results of The Wand Company Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck.  There is no doubt the piece is unique and eye-catching, a perfect conversion piece for any environment, especially your model collection man cave. At $150 US the piece it remains competitive based on the current retail landscape.  Plus, the interior cabin lighting, as well as the forward tilting cab, does include a lighted motor and we can’t forget the removable nuclear core!  Check them out for more than just scale models.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Terrence says:

    Thanks for a very nice review of a unique truck. I have the Pick-R-Up truck and the Fusion Flea and they are interesting and beautifully made vehicles. Some time ago there was mention by the Wand Company of a planned release of another product which they call a station wagon. I hope that it still enters production – the last time I contacted them I got a somewhat vague response.

  2. Karsten says:

    Thanks to your review of the Pick-up back then I bought the Fusion Flea to join my “alternative drives” display near my Teslas. This truck here has long been sold out in Europe and now retails for ridiculous money.

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