REVIEW: Welly/FX Bentley Continental Supersports •

REVIEW: Welly/FX Bentley Continental Supersports

The latest addition to the collection is the Welly/FX Bentley Continental Supersports.  If you aren’t familiar with the FX brand, the FX stands for “Fine and Extreme Models”. A premier offering from Welly that goes above and beyond there entry-level models, providing the collector a more detailed presentation.  In the case of the Bentley Continental Supersports, we have new packaging, exclusive white with red interior and full carpeting throughout the interior and rear storage compartment.  The only catch with e FX brand is they are currently only available to the Asian market so sourcing one for a decent price isn’t always an easy task.


bentley_fxsupersports2  bentley_fxsupersports3

Before I get into the review I want to give props to Megano, an on-line diecast retailer based in Hong Kong.  Check out the exceptional packaging.  The model arrived in perfect condition.


bentley_fxsupersports6  bentley_fxsupersports7

Let me say that I already owned the original Welly release of the Bentley Continental Supersports.  I considered it the model of the year for 2012, exceptional value and great execution.  Why upgrade?  Well, I have a weakness for white cars and red interiors, and the added bonus of full carpeting sold me.  Let me remind you that this is considered a budget/mid-level model, though it may not look the part, there are some minor issues.  The shutlines aren’t perfect, and the panel gaps on the front and rear hatch could use a little adjustment, if you can get beyond this the model is a definite winner!  Exterior lines capture the essence of the 1:1 well.  Paint for the most part is smooth and thick throughout.  Though it would be nice to see perforated grilles this isn’t a show stopper. And hey Minichamps ate 3-4 times the price has no perforated grilles!



The wheels are beautifully executed especially for a budget model.  Black paint is rich and smooth, the carbon fibre rotors and calipers with the Bentley logo are a great touch.  This model also features working suspension front and rear.  Though with the weight of the model it may become the models Achilles heel.


 bentley_fxsupersports24  bentley_fxsupersports11

The interior also excels, for a model considered budget/mid-level it puts to shame higher price models costing anywhere from 2-3 times are much.  The red interior works wonderfully with the black accents.  The dash and seats are very detailed and so are the door cards.  The rear seats are removed on the Bentley Supersports in its place is a nicely detailed performance stress-bar.  Well done Welly!


The motor is nicely appointed too.  One thing you will notice, and one I really appreciate in the one-piece hood/grille.  Other budget models i.e. Bburago decided to keep the grille portion fixed to the bumper.  Big no!  Though the model doesn’t have the detailed hinged work of an AUTOart model it still works well.  Underneath the model, you’ll find a full chrome exhaust system from front to rear, which exits out integrated tips moulded into in the rear bumper.



Without hesitation, I do highly recommend this model either in the Welly or FX platform.  Both are exceptional values, so good that it makes you question the ever-increasing price points from some other brands.  What is Welly’s secret to low cost and great detail I’m not sure, but I for one wish they continue down this path as I and many other collectors would continue to purchase these wonderful specimens…  That being said I already have the Aston Martin DB9 from FX already in the mail, lol.  Enjoy the pics!

bentley_fxsupersports8 bentley_fxsupersports10 bentley_fxsupersports12

bentley_fxsupersports14 bentley_fxsupersports17 bentley_fxsupersports20

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7 Responses to "REVIEW: Welly/FX Bentley Continental Supersports"

  1. Evan says:

    Very nice looking car! I also love white with red interiors cars!!!

  2. Rochester says:

    Sort of puts a lot of companies making diecast in their place, doesn’t it? Hard to justify a $200+ price tag after seeing this………..considreing that 98% of the models existence will be spent simply sitting on a shelf somewhere, who really needs the ‘extra furious’ detailing for some exorbitant price, eh ?

    • DS Team says:

      Agreed. I do appreciate the little extra details when it comes to my collection, but it doesn’t need to come at a price point that some models are at today. Like you said Welly/FX will definitely have some sort of impact, surely there is greed in play here as most if not all models come from China, so the labour factor impacts all brands, no?

  3. Jeka says:

    Well done, indeed.
    I have FX Aventador and a black DB9 also waiting for me in mail post, both are from Megamo, it’s a great retailer!

  4. Silver. says:

    Very interesting. I tried to find Welly 1/18 Bentley Continental Supersports, but they all have black interiors. This must be rare

  5. Geeeeo says:

    I wonder as to how the red interior got there is it custom?

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