REVIEW: Welly/FX Aston Martin DB9 Coupe •

REVIEW: Welly/FX Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

My second of two Welly/FX models arrived this week.  Without hesitation, I went forward and purchased the Aston Martin DB9 Coupe based on Welly’s great execution of the Bentley Continental Supersports.  First launched in 2004, the DB9 was the successor of the DB7.  Underneath the hood, DB9 gains the latest version of Aston Martin’s proven 6.0-litre V12 engine for a total of 510 hp and 457 lb-ft. of torque.  I went with the white exterior with red interior; I think the combination cannot be beaten.  What do you think?



astonmartin_db92  astonmartin_db93

The exterior is very good.  I consider the shutlines better than the Bentley Continental Supersports, but the panel gaps around the doors on the DB9 are slightly worse.  I don’t consider this a major strike against the model as the panel gap on the hood is better or as good than the recent AUTOart V12 Vantage.  I do wish the chrome work on the side trim, rear exhaust and front grille would have been executed better, though the chrome is slightly cleaner of the grille it does show the limits of the model and why it is considered mid-level budget.  The rear taillights are well detailed too, look high-quality though the headlights fall a little behind.


The wheels are nice!  One of the main reasons I jumped on this model so soon.  The overall size works well with the overall scale, the nice detail on the rotors and calipers just add to the model.  A detail that may have been overlooked by other manufactures was the addition of the Aston Martin logo to the centre of the wheel.  Well done Welly/FX!  One thing I would mention is the rear offset looks off. The rear wheels sit a little to inwards – 3-4mm out would have been perfect.  This is minor and an issue that most would have overlooked.  Like the Bentley, the Aston Martin DB9 has fully functional suspension front and rear.



The interior is another win!  As good as the Bentley I recently reviewed.  The gray carpeting works great with the red and interior.  Thee carpet extends into the rear storage area as well.  My only complaint here would be the lack of attention to the finished product in regards to the doors sills, a little too rough around the edges, paintwork could have been better.


astonmartin_db911  astonmartin_db97

The 6.0l V12 beast under the bonnet doesn’t disappoint either!  Overall everything seems to be in place and very well executed.  The painted bits and addition of the upper-stress bar add to the realism here.  Welly/FX’s only big miss here is painting the entire intake manifold black, when in fact they are partially silver.  In my opinion, overall execution is well done, I’m sure many will agree.  Again no advanced hinge work, but for a mid-level budget, I don’t think we’ll see them here anytime soon.


Underneath the model, I was surprised at the amount of detail for a budget model.  Attention from Welly/FX highlights front, mid, and rear components.  I do like the choice of colour for the exhaust, adds realism here where the Bentley was fully chrome from front to rear.



There aren’t many Aston Martin’s available in diecast form, not any that you and I can afford or are willing to pay for.  When the option for one arises (for me at least) it’s too challenging to say no.  In this case, I’m glad I did not say no.  This model cost me $89 shipped from Hong Kong, put $30 aside for shipping consider this $59 retail.  This is a whole lot of model for $59!  Based on today’s escalating prices it is sure nice to have Welly/FX in your corner.  Though the model isn’t perfect, and hey what model is, this one should be on your hit list.  Enjoy the pics!

astonmartin_db96 astonmartin_db99 astonmartin_db913

astonmartin_db95 astonmartin_db917 astonmartin_db919

astonmartin_db921 astonmartin_db922 astonmartin_db923

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9 Responses to "REVIEW: Welly/FX Aston Martin DB9 Coupe"

  1. Evan says:

    Beautiful color combination!!! You can’t beat white or black with red interior cars!!!

  2. Kite Fighter says:

    Great pictures and review. After reading your article, I added the same model to my collection, but in the Silver. Looking at your pictures, I think the white looks more striking. Beautiful subject, and FX models have stepped up their game to make such a fine looking piece.

  3. Dhanush says:

    Good review!

  4. kevin says:

    Checkout the lamborghini matte purple, from welly fx models, got one in hong kong for 400hkd, very very light weight compare to other die cast 1.18 models.

  5. Kids Nook says:

    A beautiful car and Welly did justice to it! I agree, the wheels are amazing. Love your photos of the model btw, check out some of my photos of die casts on my website.

    Welly does a good job with the larger model but unfortunately I dislike their work in the 1:60 range. Wrote an article called Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette die casts about various diecast cars in that size range and unfortunately Welly’s aren’t that good. They fall apart, as if they’re not meant to be played with. A shame, considering they do make beautiful models.

  6. babgh says:

    Is the engine a one piece plastic or does it consist of separate parts?

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