Schuco New October Deliveries •

Schuco New October Deliveries

Schuco has a handful of new releases available this month.  Multiple themes are scales are touched.  The feature comes from their “My 1st Schuco” series which focuses on classic race cars from the early days of racing.  These pieces capture the shape and colours of vintage race team of the past.  Quite cool!  Each will set you back less than 20 Euros.


Turning Car (Wendeauto) 1010, Red/Beige


Volkswagen Scirocco “Scirocco”

My 1st Schuco:

Studio Racer “Silver-Max” #5, Silver/Black
Studio Racer “Red-Enzo” #6, Red/Grey
Studio Racer “Blue-Pierre” #8, Blue/Orange
Studio Racer “Green-Lewis” #3, Green/Yellow

Edition 1:18:

Lanz Eilbulldog, Blue/White

Edition 1:64:

Unimog U406 “Winterdienst”, Orange

Edition 1:87:

Volkswagen  T1c box van “VW Kundendienst”, Blue
International HC 1455 XL, Red

Product# 450112300 / 450510800 / 450987000 / 450987100 / 450987200 / 450987300 / 450016800 / 452020200 / 452644600 / 452641800

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