REVIEW: AUTOart Ford GT (2017) •

REVIEW: AUTOart Ford GT (2017)

The latest version of the Ford GT has been in the hands of some lucky owners for some time now.  For us scale model fans the wait was a little longer for an example that provided full 360 access, this model comes via AUTOart.  The latest iteration of the Ford GT takes a completely different approach from the last version.  Styling, for one thing, has taken a completely new direction with racing being a priority with design.  The power is tuned by Ford’s turbocharged EcoBoost V6.  Ford’s V6 is not to be dismissed, it provides supercar numbers.  Top speed exceeds well past the 200 mph barrier, 216 mph to be exact! And how many other cars can say they won Le Mans?  Not many!  So was the wait worth it?

The exterior colour we went with is called Liquid Blue. One thing you immediately notice is the lack of stripes down the centre line of the car.  Some appreciate the clean look, we personally live on both sides of the fence, the Blue exterior was more important in the end than having the decals.  For those who crave the stripes, there are other colour options that include them.  See the AUTOart news feed on the website or use the search feature to learn more about the available colours.

From an exterior perspective, we’re really impressed with the overall execution.  AUTOart does a great job of capturing the styling cues and design of the Ford GT.  Cool features include perforated metal on every opening on the exterior, no solid plastic bits here!

The paint application is excellent throughout.  No areas are too thin or too thick on our example, a perfect balance from front to rear-end.  However, some of the carbon fibre elements are executed in the typical AUTOart moulded blend.  To be honest we’re not huge fans of this applied method, more on this as we investigate the various sections of the model.

Moving to the front of the Ford GT the sweeping nose is dominated by two large intakes on top with massive headlights on the corners.  As mentioned earlier the open areas are crafted with perforated metal grilles, nice to see the detailing of cooling fans behind.  Headlights are another slice of art, in 1:1 form and scale, AUTOart does a terrific job here.

Moving to the lower section of the front the large opening is again caped with perforated metal.  The lower chin spoiler section is completed with a carbon fibre decal.  It does look the part.  Where it fails is the use of moulded carbon fibre on the lower side sections of the outer spoiler.  Why AUTOart shifts gears here is somewhat puzzling.  Final comments on the front, the Ford emblem is completed with a 3D like piece.

Access to the front section is available.  The function of the hatch open and close feature is excellent and shutlines and panel gaps are terrific! Missing inside is the hood prop found on the 1:1. And the level of detail of the components here is somewhat suspect, to say the least.  The standard of detail is poor in comparison to the 1:1 – various components are missing.  And what AUTOart decides to present isn’t on par with the exterior excellence of the model.

Moving to the rear the replica is even more impressive!  The design of the blades on either side help channel air for cooling and provide downforce.  All intakes and openings are capped with metal grilles as they should be.

Another neat feature on the AUTOart replica is a functional rear spoiler.  The release button is found underneath a simple push activates it,  Unfortunately, there is no pivoting of spoiler front and back, the action is up and down only.

The dual exhaust tips are as much of the exhaust system you will see on the Ford GT.  Both are executed with care.  Taillights are beautifully crafted and functional on the 1:1 – helps channel hot air away from the motor during track days.  Looking inside the taillight AUTOart chooses to implement the open grille with solid plastic.  Not a huge loss as these grilles can’t be seen from the exterior sightline. Finally, the GT logo is completed with a simple flat decal, this should lean towards a more 3D like piece as AUTOart presented on the front.

Motor access is available here.  The up-sweep motion is flawless in our example.  Note the single strut passenger side, this is accurate to the original design.  Also, the single-piece clear glass does not show the cooling vents/holes, we believe this is a new production change for the 2019 model year.

As for the motor detail it is lacking in the basic finish department.  What we mean is there is little to no attention to the small details, for example, the hose clamps front and rear. A little paint defining the clamps would go along way!  Decals include “Powered by Ford” on the sides of the intake, “EcoBoost” on the lower section of the motor and the “GT” logo is found on the oil cap centre.  As for the surrounding shroud and intakes, there is a sheen to the finish, whereas the original is more matt looking in appearance.

The only storage found on the Ford GT is just south of the powerplant.  Nice to see the area completed with flocking.  However, the straps that hold the Ford provided battery charger and compressor are not found.

Wheels are a work of art on the Ford GT replica.  Nice use of paint and texture complete a very realistic package.  Massive rotors and calipers with Brembo logos are in check.  Even the perimeter of the tires has the true authentic script.  Well done!

Access to the interior is completed with up-sweep doors.  The function and operation on our example were perfect on both sides, also each held its position in the open swing without issue.  Lower sections of the exterior doors are completed with carbon fibre decals.  It definitely looks the part!

The backend of the door opening adjacent to the door should have a grille feathering debris from accessing in the motor.  AUTOart chooses to ignore this.  Also, a major styling component of the GT’s interior based on space challenges incorporates two massive vents on each door.  The level of execution here is very poor and not up to the exterior standards.  We don’t see the racing harness option or standard seat-belts either.

The remainder of the interior incorporates all the elements one would expect to see. What we like most was the lining of the interiors’ tub with authentic carbon fibre look – this is completed with decals as opposed to the moulded option we discussed earlier.  Nice attention with the flocking found within the footwells, elevates the realism factor.  Also, the White accents bits in the dash and seats add a splash of colour to stark and static interior colour trim.

Interior items we think could use a little more improvement based on price point include the overall aspects in the dash and steering wheel.  Most of the driver functions are found on the steering wheel but we find AUTOart’s effort somewhat lacking.  A little texture and a more definition would help here.

The AUTOart 2017 Ford GT is a great model, though a great model from an exterior point of view.  Highlights include the overall shape, fit and finish, and paint.  The sum of full 360 access with functional rear spoiler definitely adds fuel to the fire for one who desires it in their collection.

Where the model lacks inspiration is in small inner working – for one, lack of detail underneath the hatch, motor and interior elements.  They are there and present but barely say hello. The flip side should be true, each element should scream look at me!  The collector should be wowed on levels.  With a little more awareness of the secondary elements we mentioned, this model could have moved from great to excellent.  AUTOart should you hear our prayers…  Listen, adjust, and please execute.  Enjoy the pics!

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26 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Ford GT (2017)"

  1. Atalante says:

    Blue would be also my choice of color. I’d like to get that Ford GT but the model itself as you mentioned is a mixed bag so I am on the fence…

  2. crz says:

    I expected something about the idiotic screws in the door sills in the review, but it’s not mentioned. Once seen, cannot be unseen…

    • DS Team says:

      This is nothing new from AUTOart or any other manufacturers of varying price points… Unfortunately, in scale reproductions, the odd screw in the oddest place are sometimes are a requirement for assembly. We’re not losing sleep over this one.

      • spikyone says:

        As an engineer, I respectfully disagree. There are ways of assembling models that don’t require screws in exposed areas. Screws themselves are just about the cheapest way to assemble the model, too. Whatever AA were using that screw for, I’m pretty sure they could have designed it so that the screw was located underneath the model, or designed an alternative fixing.

        • Stephane Demers says:

          Or do like GMP and make a deeper hole for the screws and add a black plastic plug on them so they almost disappear.

  3. ss19 says:

    Nice model. For the rear spoiler to function, try loosening its mounting screws slightly.

  4. Karsten says:

    I was on the fence myself for a long time, not pre-ordering it because what I really wanted was the Ford-signature liquid blue with white racing stripes. I only bought one now because it was sold for a week at a 10% discount for 225 €. So I had to quickly pick a colour: Liquid blue is a great colour and I love the two-tone interior, but no racing stripes put me off; liquid red is as nice, has the stripes, but the tail lights don´t stand out enough in red on red exterior; Jay Leno´s black with orange stripes and two-tone interior could have solved all my issues, but then the carbon and grilles do not contrast with the exterior colour at all thus masking design cues; so I ended up with the triple yellow with black stripes, although it sadly lacks a two-tone interior.

    I share the same disappointments where the AUTOart is too similar to my Maisto Premium liquid blue with stripes. That too has moulded carbon of the same level. head lamp assembly was impressive at the price point and interior is not too far behind the AUTOart. Of course the AUTOart excels over the Maisto in so many respects, most of all in perforated mesh versus solid plates. Contrary to my usual policy, being not 100% satisfied with the colour options available, I will not get rid of the Maisto as planned, but have parked it on the Bartoletti race transporter instead.

    • DS Team says:

      Stripes or colour, that is the question? It seems one can lean towards either side. We’re sure more future colours will be added, as this will definitely be a popular release inside and out of the hobby.

      The model isn’t the worst composite in their assortment as some Internet comments have stated. It is the overall level that isn’t 100% throughout. We hope AUTOart understand our positions and makes the adjustment. Do we think it will happen, no.

  5. Karsten says:

    Crap! Have damaged the paint work on the rim of the door on FIRST opening it. Bloody flimsy! So frustrating! BUT it helps me making future buying decisions: I will honour my pre-order for the Focus RS, but vow here and now to buy no more AUTOart composhite. Almost Real will get my money for the Huayra Roadster, not AUTOart. What´s the point of making a 360 degrees access model if it´s all so flimsy it will break if you try and do it? And I am careful with my models, not someone so impatient to bend or break the mirrors by cutting just one side of the styrofoam-shell open! So frustrated right now, I could stop collecting altoghether!

    • DS Team says:

      Sorry to hear the mishap. What exactly happened?

    • Vitaliy D says:

      Hmm, well, so maybe AA’s Koenigsegg One: 1 is not so bad then? I’m owning it during a year, and nothing is broken yet despite my expectations. (Though I did not even unscrew it from the styrofoam base – otherwise the spoilers or wing most likely would be damaged already).

    • benz says:

      Hey Karsten,

      Sorry to hear (read) of your mishap. I know exactly how you felt as I went through almost something similar some time back. In my case, I encountered one AUTOart model after another with some defect or flaw & that really frustrated me. And this was with the Signature diecasts. Of course the composites also played their part later on to frustrate me further. More beguiling was I did not have any issue with cheap budget models & even if I did, it would be no problem for me to accept them due to obvious reasons. So after receiving brand new (& expensive) Aa models with defects/flaws, the last one being the P1 & before that, the Veyron, I was so damn pissed til I thought of quitting the hobby. And I did. For a while!

  6. Atalante says:

    Sorry to hear. A shame but I heard that the doors are super flimsy on this Ford GT.

  7. Amlv20` says:

    I love my black with orange stripes, its identical to the 1:1 IK saw on opposite ends of the country in one week. I cant wait to get my hands on the Le Mans winning GTE PRO, which i also saw thta same week I saw the black GT twice!

  8. Stephane Demers says:

    No go for me, too much money for not enough details. Do they laugh at us or what???

  9. Astronat says:

    Autoart did plastic carbon imitation instead of printing. I mean front and rear side aerodynamic skirts.
    That looks cheap like Maisto.

  10. Yamato says:

    Great review! However, on my GT, the spoiler pivots slightly, it needs quite a bit of force

  11. Veneno says:

    All this time, I thought AA got this model correct, but I have been researching photos for reference. I realized Aa made a mistake with the fuel filler cap, it should be square, not round. Good thing I waited before purchasing one.

    • DS Team says:

      Not so fast. It’s not inaccurate at all. We can’t speak for AUTOart what car or drawing was the inspiration, but the early versions of the Ford GT did have a round design door. If this is a deal consider the Masito effort, the door is more to your liking.

      • Veneno says:

        Nope. Aa got it mixed up. The production version comes with a square fuel filler door and the concept had a round one.

  12. Davy says:

    Another error on all AutoArt versions of the 2017 Ford GT: the wing mirrors aren’t staggered, like they should be. They weren’t on the 2015 presentation GTs, but they were on the 2017 version. Only with the 2022 heritage models did they get this right – but the fuel filler cap was still the wrong shape. TopSpeed did get both of those things right.

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