Schuco New Releases for May •

Schuco New Releases for May

One of our personal favorite brands, one that still caters to the real craft of diecast collecting is Schuco.  This month they present a couple of cool pieces from their 1:18 diecast series, the VW Käfer 1600i Última Edición in Snap Orange and the Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Cabrio.  The VW Käfer will be surely added to my collection at the next available opportunity.  Other new models be theme include:

Classic – Studio I cutaway model, Red
Classic – Examico 4001, Blue
Edition Pro .R43 – Borgward Traktor
Edition Pro .R43 – Chevrolet Blazer “Amity Police Department”
Edition 1:32 – John Deere 6400
Edition 1:10 – Kreidler Florett with leshield
Edition 1:87 – Porsche Diesel Junior with cutter bar and rollbar
Edition 1:87 – Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS, Red
Edition 1:87 – Porsche Macan S, Silver

schuco_450029200 schuco_450029200b schuco_450035000

schuco_450035000b schuco_450111700 schuco_450186400

schuco_450654800 schuco_450773100 schuco_450894600

schuco_450899700 schuco_452621200 schuco_452621500


Product# 450035000 / 450029200 / 450111700 / 450186400  / 450894600  / 450899700  / 450773100 / 450654800 / 452621700 / 452621200 / 452621500

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2 Responses to "Schuco New Releases for May"

  1. Luis Cantú says:

    Well, as you probably are aware, the last edition of the real VW “Última Edición” were made in Mexico (my Country). There were only two colors: light blue and light beige. So the model may look great in orange, but it never existed.

    As far as the new MB 280SL it’ real great! I’m one of the few lucky guys to get one. The photos do not make justice. I have a lot of these “Pagodes” from several manufactures, and believe me, this one by Schuco is the greatest of them all!

    • DS Team says:

      Thanks for the info Luis.

      I bought the Red/Orange. The model is spectacular! Schuco is one company that epitomizes what “diecast” means to me. Seeing the detail and the execution of this model, while providing an affordable price point really reinforced why I started collecting, and what diecast/open models will always be superior (IMO) to resin/closed-body design. If anyone is on the fence with this variant of Beetle, take my word, get one!

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