Spark New 1:43 Models for November 2015 •

Spark New 1:43 Models for November 2015

Spark has no less than 39 new models coming, covering all facets of car themes, from classic racers to modern sport cars.  Our feature is the polished Mercedes-Benz 300SL #20 2nd Le Mans 1952, driven by T. Helfrich and H. Niedermayr.  Notable mention goes to the cool livery on the Porsche 934 #90 Le Mans 1980, driven by G. Bourdillat, A.-M. Bernard, and R. Ennequin.  Models will begin to ship in November with the entire list scheduled to be completed by end of January 2016.  The list below spans the first 10 models in alphabetic order, see the complete listing on the main page feature article!

Alfa Romeo 177 test car 1978 Vittorio Brambilla
Aston Martin DB4 GT n.21 Le Mans 1959 H. Patthey – R. Calderari
Bentley T1 Two Door Saloon 1967
Bentley Type R 1954
Brabham BT49C n.5 Winner Argentina GP 1981 Nelson Piquet
BRM P261 n.4 Monaco GP 1967 Jackie Stewart
Bugatti 57 G n.2 Winner Le Mans 1937 J.-P. Wimille – R. Benoist
Courage C 36 Porsche n.4 Le Mans 1996 M. Andretti – J. Lammers – D. Warwick
Ford GT40 n.14 Le Mans 1966 P. Sutcliffe – D. Spoerry
Ford GT40 n.15 Le Mans 1966 G. Ligier – B. Grossman
Jaguar D n.15 2nd Le Mans 1957 N. Sanderson – J. Lawrence
Jaguar D n.4 6th Le Mans 1957 D. Hamilton – M. Gregory
Matra MS10 n.6 5th Spanish GP 1968 Jean-Pierre Beltoise
Matra MS10 n.8 Winner Dutch GP 1968 Jackie Stewart
Mclaren MP4/1B n.7 Winner Detroit GP 1982 John Watson
Mclaren MP4/1B n.8 Winner Long Beach GP 1982 Niki Lauda
Mercedes-Benz 300SL n.22 Le Mans 1952 K. Kling – H. Klenk
Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG 2014
Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG 2014
Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake 2014
Norma M20 Honda n.30 Winner Pikes Peak 2014 Romain Dumas
Porsche 906/6L n.30 4th Le Mans 1966 J. Siffert – C. Davis
Porsche 911 RSR n.59 Trans Am Champion 1974 Peter Gregg
Porsche 936/81 n.11 Winner Le Mans 1981 J. Ickx – D. Bell
Porsche 959 Sport 1986
Porsche Carrera RSR n.52 1st GT2 Le Mans 1994 D. Dupuy – J. Pareja – C. Palau
Porsche Carrera RSR n.59 Winner Sebring 12h 1973 P. Gregg – H. Haywood – D. Helmick
Renault-Alpine A442 n.8 Le Mans 1977 P. Depailler – J. Laffite
Renault-Alpine A442 n.9 Le Mans 1977 J.-P. Jabouille – D. Bell
Rial ARC02 n.38 4th US GP 1989 Christian Danner
Sunbeam Alpine n.33 Le Mans 1962 P. Hopkirk – P. Jopp
Surtees TS19 n.19 4th Japanese GP 1976 Alan Jones
Theodore TY01 n.33 Dutch GP 1981 Marc Surer
Theodore TY01 n.33 South African GP 1982 Derek Daly
Toyota TS020 GT-One n.27 9th Le Mans 1998 K. Tsuchiya – U. Katayama – T. Suzuki
Triumph TR2 Long Door 1954
Venturi 600LM n.31 Le Mans 1994 R. Agusta – M. Krine – A. Coppelli

spark_43PP14 spark_43SE73 spark_S1555

spark_S1588 spark_S2415 spark_S3668

spark_S3895 spark_S4013 spark_S4073

spark_S4073b spark_S4303 spark_S4312

spark_S4316 spark_S4347 spark_S4389

spark_S4408 spark_S4414 spark_S4422


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