TOP Marques Bertone Stratos HF Zero Concept •

TOP Marques Bertone Stratos HF Zero Concept

The latest from TOP Marques Italian Design series is the 1:18, resin Bertone Stratos HF Zero Concept.  Shown here are the first production sample photos. We’re no authority on concepts or Bertone, but this replica is quite striking.  No word on release date, but we do know this one is limited to only 250 pieces worldwide.

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  1. Jon says:

    I’m no authority, but it seems very yellow gold, rather than copper. Glad to see they didn’t persue the external rear view mirror from their mockup. .

    • RogerLodge says:

      Yeah, the color is definitely too bright. Awesome car nonetheless. I wonder what happened to Laudoracing’s upcoming 1/18 Alfa Romeo Carabo (also a Bertone design)?

  2. Nate Anderson says:

    This will be actual diecast metal ?
    Wow, very cool !
    Is there a possibility of it being in kit form un painted ?
    What is the projected price range ?
    At only 250 copies I would expect quite a pricy unit !
    I’d like to know but I expect I’ll be stuck with my 1/43 models.

  3. John says:

    I bought the Top Marque’s Stratos Zero in its silver guise as opposed to the original copper-bronze colour. The model is beautiful, but the build quality is questionable. First off one side of the car’s geometry is slightly out of proportion to the other side. The windscreen/door isn’t tapered enough, and the black step in panel is too wide and should also be more tapered. If you view the actual Stratos you will see this in comparison. Also the headlights strip as it were is inaccurate. There are eight lights on the Stratos Zero and not ten as on the Top Marque’s model. The windscreen is made from the cheapest thinnest perspex of sorts and is flexible when it shouldn’t be. As a lot of collectors perhaps do, I carefully dismantled the model to see what the build quality is like, and was quite surprised to see how poorly it is made. You would think that for just over £200 the door/windscreen mite open at least. The outside of the model is stunning and the cabin area is accurate too. But again for what you pay, you would think it might meet the build quality of Maisto or Bburago. Nonetheless I’m glad I bought one because they’re like rocking horse shxt, and I’d imagine won’t devalue too swiftly. If you’re lucky enough to purchase one, be prepared for substandard quality.

  4. John says:

    Sorry, ten lights on the Stratos and not 9 like on the model..

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