Bburago Announces Bugatti Divo •

Bburago Announces Bugatti Divo

Coming soon from Bburago is the 1:18 Bugatti Divo.  The model will feature diecast metal exterior with opening parts.  What is to open is yet to be discovered.  Also, we’re not sure if this is entry level or Signature series creation.  Only tell will tell…

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14 Responses to "Bburago Announces Bugatti Divo"

  1. Nero says:

    I can´t express my dissappointment about “The new Bburago”, yes, maybe the car will be as good as their Chiron for a low cost model. But I was expecting a New Ferrari, maybe the 488 Pista or any other they don´t built but they insist on their way.. no sense this guys could own the “Exclusive license” they only need it for some models, they could buy the rights of other owner.. They are wasting their money, and our patience…

    • DS Team says:

      We completely understand your frustrations. They have this valuable licence from Ferrari. They should be first to market with all Ferraris based on the audience at hand.

    • Ondra says:

      These are harsh years for ferrari collectors, I was firstly happy, but bburago doesnt care anymore.

      On the other hand there are good Bugattis and Im happy, I wish that Maisto or Bburago made Veyron back in days.

  2. John says:

    It’s pretty hard to get excited about anything from Bburago.

    • João says:

      I’m sorry if I don’t share your oppinion. If you’re fine with paying 300+€ for a sealed body Bugatti, be my guest, but for me it’s exciting at least someone is making cool models for those collectors who don’t have money for extra-expensive high-end models and still get a good bang for the buck. If all new models come out with the quality of their Chiron, I’ll keep buying Bburagos. At least they haven’t fallen in the temptation of going the sealed-body path. Kudos for that.

      They might be marketed as toys but I’ve bought more expensive “collector” models with much less features. But I guess all you richy boys think “if it’s not 100+€, it has to be a toy”…

      • Nero says:

        The most part of collectors doesn´t matter the details or the story of the model, is like expensive means good, very expensive means perfect.. like Iphone but with diecast models..

        For me the Chiron, 488 Gtb, California T, Gallardo Spider, was perfect for the price while my for example Autoart P1 haven´t got the detail as it should for the price I paid..

        Other consideration is people in general think that collect diecast models is for weird-geek people or kids, saying “that Bburago is for 10 year kids” it´s a way that considerate yourself like an adult just for spent a big amount of money..

        The only problem I got with Bburago is they don´t use the license…

  3. George K says:

    These are just toys. Unless you are 10 years old and rolling them across the floor, no reason to get excited.

    • Nero says:

      I don´t agree… Doesn´t matter their models are not as detailed as high end models because them cost a lot of times less, they are perfect for people that mod diecast models or people that can´t afford high end models with stupid prices..

      Their last 488 GTB signature for example, is not perfect.. but I purchased it for just 30€ at an offer of CK modelcars is completely worth it..

      Even BBR Die-Cast line, still have doglegs and nobody says nothing because them cost 10 times expensive, and no 10 times better… Its like them thinking “I spent 300 €, must be the best diecast in the world” and they not.. all models can be critizised.. (And I say it, owning low cost cars and brands like HWE, Autoart, Schuco..)

      • John says:

        We must agree to disagree. But, after all, this is really a matter of personal preference. If it’s what you want sitting on your shelf, then display it proudly. I’ve had Maisto’s and Bburagos, and have sold most of them off because they just don’t fit with what I want i my collection. But the most important word there is “my”. I don’t expect any one to want to have the same collection as I do. It’s something I have built based on my personal preference. And, honestly, no one other than me has ever laid eyes on it.
        I will admit however, I was pleasantly surprised by Bburago’s Bugatti Chiron. I had the GT Autos (Welly) version, and I sold it because I was disappointed. It wasn’t bad, just certainly not what previous GT Autos models were. It was more along the lines of Welly FX. I got the Bburago to take it apart and customize/upgrade it. It was surprising. Not exciting, but surprising. Better than most Bburago’s I’ve seen. So, I’ll give them that one.
        I will, however, prefer my BBR, Look Smart, Spark, Autoart, GT Spirit, Ottomobile, Minichamps, Kyosho, Norev, HWE, Top Speed, Sun Star, and all other models in my collection over the Maisto & Bburagos any day. But…again…..strictly personal preference.

    • Ondra says:

      You are clueless collector, Bugatti Chiron from Bburago is best bang for bucks.Flawless paint, true scale, tiny gaps only for 30 euros.

      What you can offer to me if I want diecast Chiron and Divo?GT autos is nowhere to see in europe, and doesnt seems to be perfect.Plastic and resin POS I dont buy.

  4. Ondra says:

    Yes, I hope its same quality as Chiron.Im very pleased with that model, I get everything what I wanted for 30 euros(0-400-0 version).Im only missing windows, but this is easy to fix with foil.

    Its only solution for diecast Chiron, I dont like resin or plastic Autoart.And GT Autos is nowhere to see in Europe and quality is subpar to previous gt autos.

  5. Mifab says:

    Endlich wieder eine informative Website für Bburago Sammler im Massstab 1:18

  6. Ho-Chi Tsan says:

    Looking forward to this model!

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