VIP Models RWB 964 Sunflower •

VIP Models RWB 964 Sunflower

More from VIP Models and their 1:18 RWB 964, this one features a “Sunflower” livery.  Not sure what the actual connection is, maybe Japanese Spring bloom?  Nonetheless, this unusual piece may pique the interest of some.  Production is limited to less than 500 pieces and the model is set to arrive in May 2021.

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  1. SamtheCat says:

    Don’t ask me why, but there are plenty of scale Porsche’s (this 964 RWB, a 993RWB, a 997 Old and new, a 991 gt3rs, 991 targa, 911 Liberty Walk…) and even a G-wagen from several brands (GT Spirit, Schuco, Timothy and Pierre with this livery, from the “Kaikai Kiki” design by Taikashi Murakami. I personally think they’re hideous. There’s even a real Liberty Walk 911 with this livery. (There are pics of a “real” 993 RWB with this livery too, but it’s a photoshop of the RWB Rauh Passion, the original pic is from a Speedhunters article).

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