VOTING NOW OPEN! 2019 Model of the Year!! •

VOTING NOW OPEN! 2019 Model of the Year!!

The 2019 Model of the Year voting is now online!  First off, we like to thank all who left their comments and emails over the last month or so.  THANK YOU.  We do appreciate all the feedback we received.  The model of the year is about you.  It isn’t about the highest priced example or most detailed model.  It is about passion!  Our 2019 list is comprised of 19 different manufacturers with multiple themes and scales.  We understand a few brands could have multiple entries, however, we limited the listing to one per manufacturer.  Please vote for what YOU liked best in 2019.  What emotional connection did you have when you first saw the production piece?  Share your thoughts on 2019 below…

We have a few great photos to share of a few fascinating examples from 2019.  Read our Reviews or discover the Photo Gallery area to see and read more on most of the 2019 Model of the Year list.  Voting will take place from January 2020 through February 2020.  Upon closing the team will present the annual trophy to the winner.


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32 Responses to "VOTING NOW OPEN! 2019 Model of the Year!!"

  1. It’s incredible that the choosen model from AutoArt is the Huayra BC and not any of the Nissan R390 Calsonic or the Skyline RS Turbo Super Silhouette.
    Forgotten that the Pagani is plastic, it also hasn’t real suspension, additional elements (luggage) or as many detalis as the other two. Silhouette is a master piece with helmet and detachable air disc vents.

    • DS Team says:

      This year we decided to broaden the available manufacturer list. This meant we needed to reduce some redundancy. This came is the form of one model entered by manufactured. Yes, the models you mention are well executed, BUT both went under the radar in terms of mass appeal. The Huayra BC is best of balance, though not perfect represents AUTOart well. Choose AUTOart Huayra BC if you believe they deserve the win!

    • Ipoulo kounoupi says:

      Hello Carlos
      Both the Nissan r390 and Nissan skyline super silhouette is rerelease from the good old days…

      • Carlos Monterde Aguilar says:

        Hola IPOULO
        I think maybe you dont know that this year 2019 AutoArt launch new versions (both in metal too)

        The R390 1998 with Calsonic delivery which is different from the 1997 version:

        Also the new Super Silhouette is new, for example the wng and front lights. New is ref. 88276, and old one is ref.87177

        Take look on them, you’ll be surprised

  2. Kent says:

    Almost real product is better price with fully details, they make it as better as they can.
    So Almost Real will be voted by me.

  3. Ipoulo kounoupi says:

    Just received the bbr fxxk evo, I’m very impressed by the model and I believe I have a very good collection,( all the Autoart pagani, all the Koenigsegg from Autoart, all the mclarens Autoart, frontiart Koenigsegg regera OPEN ghost candy red, and others…
    in the future when I put them in showcase I send some fotos. )
    Now I’m waiting for the huayra bc and the almost real 550 brabus.
    The vote it will end at the end of February or in beginning of the month?

  4. Mr. Dj M. says:

    I think that only the Almost Real Brabus 550 Adventure 4×4² and the NZG MB Actros Gigaspace & Eurolohr Carrier have pushed boudries and delivered a masterpiece and something unique.
    I would say both are winnars!

    • DS Team says:

      Many would agree with Almost Real. They are currently leading the pack!!!

    • Karsten says:

      I personally fully agree with you, Mr DJ. Almost Real do deserve the win, even though the 4×4 is not my personal subject matter and the Bentley is on my personal short list. I agree about the NZG, too, perhaps pushing the boundaries even a littel further to be honest, but let´s face it: It was clear from the beginning that a truck just isn´t the subject matter that fascinates enough of an audience to win this. To me that does not matter one bit. It is the only model on my personal Model of the Year 2019 shortlist that has entered this competition.
      What I find more worrying is that the more recent a model is the more votes it gets as if the joy about a model wears off over time. That would leave CMC`s Mercedes 600 Pullman chanceless for MotY 2020.

      • DS Team says:

        “That would leave CMC`s Mercedes 600 Pullman chanceless for MotY 2020.”

        If it holds its weight it should do well. One can’t argue the detail, the biggest challenge is the niche audience. And how well does is more the casual and vertern collector?

    • Jena says:

      AR has a poor reputation in the Chinese market!

  5. Vitaliy D says:

    Looking at the current place of AutoArt’s model in this year’s models list, I think it impartially reflects what AutoArt is today and what it deserves.

    What surprises me, however, is the following. If you place this AutoArt Pagani Huayra BC next to AutoArt Koenigsegg One: 1, is the Koenigsegg model soooo much better than the Huayra model that the Koenigsegg one had really high chances to win last year? Come on, aren’t they both on the very same execution level? So why people do not overpraise the Huayra model today as they did with the Koenigsegg one last year?

  6. Mir says:

    I was very disappointed by the quality of BBR fxx-k evo diecast.
    The finish for carbon, decal and painting were whole terrible.
    The finish of F12 tdf was really good. But FXX-K evo? no!!
    I will not buy BBR diecast any more.
    Bye BBR!!!

    • DS Team says:

      Sorry to hear your results. Can you elaborate more on the quality and CF finish? We’ll hopefully have the Red one under the microscope soon, so we will share our thoughts.

      • Mir says:

        I bought white #70 FXX-k.
        When I received FXX-K evo, It had scraches on the carbon bumper of backside.
        So the shop replaced it to another.
        In case of replaced one,
        – carbon bumper has one bump.
        – many small scratches on the bonnet decal on assistance’s side
        – small painting peeling on the door near bonnet and fender.
        – black spot on the driver’s side door.
        – silver decal on the plain side wing was peeled
        So I requested refund to the shop and the shop accepted.

  7. Ipoulo kounoupi says:

    I have 2 bbr fxxk evo and both are perfect….
    Back to the subject!
    For me the best 3 of the year
    1) Almost real brabus 550
    2) BBR fxxk evo
    3) Autoart huayra with the missing air intake… beside this fault (which is a huge mistake at this model and this price are you listening Autoart????) the model is perfect

    • Mir says:

      Oh… I envy you.
      I wanted to get good quality fxx-k evo.
      But the result was too bad…
      I’d better buy Huayra BC. Which color of the Huayra BC did you buy?

      • Ipoulo kounoupi says:

        Both red and silver ; )
        Red because I like black wheels and silver because of the interior it’s all about taste…

        • Mir says:

          Wow you have both of them.
          I’m also thinking silver or red Huayra BC.
          Among them which one do you prefer?

          • Ipoulo kounoupi says:

            In my thoughts the red is more (wild) if you understand what I mean.
            The silver is more like normal super car (putting a costume and go to work) ; )
            I hope I will help you.

    • Jena says:

      BBR and AR come from the same factory, so the quality of BBR products is very low now

  8. George K says:

    Okay- can we close the voting now and get that pop up list off the site??

  9. Mir says:

    Is it final result?
    I think there’s something wrong or an error in voting number.
    Yesterday, difference of BBR Ferrari FXX K Evo and AUTOart Pagani Huayra BC is only less than 20. But suddenly the gap went much larger.
    Please inspect what’s wrong with it.

    • DS Team says:

      We noticed a jump of 400+ votes in a span in a few hours. The team decided to close the votes once we passed the 5000 votes, so we did. No tech is perfect, but I believe we maintained the overall results as best as possible. And the winner is…

  10. Ipoulo kounoupi says:

    IMO I still wondering how the gmp Shelby is number 3 on the list and how the the cmr is number 2 and we have the bbr Autoart cmc down on the list…..
    I know that there isn’t many collectors that buy truck….
    But only because cmc 642 bartoletty the price is in the sky and many wanted to make diorama

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