REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volvo C70 Convertible •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Volvo C70 Convertible

One label that has been representing the Volvo brand well in scale is DNA Collectibles.  One of their latest efforts, and is due to arrive later this January is the 1:18 Volvo C70 Convertible 1990.  A limited-edition model of 320 pieces.  You can pre-order one now by accessing the link HERE.

For Volvo fans, this is a win!  This automobile has never seen the light of day in 1:18 scale and good chances it will most likely never again.  That is one of the many positives that come with the DNA Collectibles series, they continually push the uniqueness factor on otherwise vehicles that would not see production in scale.  The Volvo C70 Convertible is executed in resin and features sealed-body design.  Something of an added bonus is the removable roof included within the package.

The exterior colour is OEM Turquoise Pearl a solid and unique choice.  As for paint application, the performance is typical DNA Collectibles, excellent.  Overall exterior lines representation the original design well.  We specifically like how DNA Collectibles captured the car’s sightlines just above the side view, above the centre moulding.  Note the added mudguards behind the front wheels and the European turn signals.

The front of the Volvo C70 Convertible receives tops marks.  We find no visible issues with the overall definition.  Headlight wipers are here, we admire the carved niche for the arm, as per the original.  Centre grille is nicely defined in chrome.

Rear finds much the same.  Quality photo-etched badges are present for “Volvo” and “C70”.  A single oval chrome tip is available too.  The team also presents the antenna, which is found in the closed position and is static.

Wheels are of BBS design.  Rear finds basic OEM rotors and calipers in Gray.  The rims provide a genuine definition with outer perimeter nut clarity, also, Volvo decals in the centre.  If we had one complaint it would be tire thickness is slightly off perspective based on photos we studied.

The interior is fully accessible due to the detachable roof we mentioned earlier.  The colour matches the interior of Beige.  We appreciate the definition found within the top, the added creases/folds do provide a good level of authenticity.  Removing and installing the cover are executed without issue as well.

Inside the cockpit is dressed in all Beige for the most part.  The Dash is two-tone with the top Taupe and the lower half completed in Beige – the Taupe even finds its way into the other interior elements. Overall details are solid, typical of DNA Collectibles.  All the buttons and related instrumentation provide a high level of detail.  This includes door cards, dash, centre console and rear.  We even enjoy the way DNA executed the wood panelling.  Full flocking is found throughout as well as fabric seat-belts front and rear.

DNA Collectibles continues to influence with their solid execution and near-perfect designs.  The Volvo C70 Convertible based on the 1999 platform recapitulates this trend.  As mentioned, the team keeps accelerating the uniqueness factor with their choice of specimens.  This is quite refreshing, and we’re sure this will allow them to continue attracting more fans to their unique line of products.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. V9097 says:

    A will written review. This is on my wish list for sure.

    I have one complaint on the model based on the pictures. That´s the where the hood meets the head light and bumper. On the real car the grille is completely upright, on this model it leans slightly backwards.

    The rest of the car looks absolutely stunning. DNA have really captured the stance of the C70 cabriolet. Interior looks fantastic.

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