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Welly | GTAutos Production Bugatti Chiron

It seems the production version of the Welly | GTAutos is now available in some China markets.  Based on the initial images the model is a sure winner!  Fully opening exterior produced in diecast metal is something of a rarity these days. Functional rear spoiler is the icing on the cake!  If pricing is still aligned with examples of the past this beauty will be priced well under $100US.  There will also be two colours offered, Blue/Black, White/Blue.  More to come…

This begs the question, if Welly can offer a full diecast model with opening parts at this price point why are we paying so much for sealed and semi-sealed models today?

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  1. Karsten says:

    Indeed looks excellent! I´d never buy a sealed MR or a cheapish Burago, but that is a model that requires AA to up their game in order to justify their pricetag.

  2. Ev Salin says:

    First, you pay for the brand, and secondly – the range of Avtoart more than the Welly/ GTAutos. To develop a large number of models needed more money.

  3. Luis Cantú says:

    It’s simple, I’ve been collecting 1:18 diecast for more than 30 years. DO NOT BUY SEALED RESINE replicas at sky rocket prices! Hopefully manufactures will get the Message

  4. It costs a lot more to engineer a fully opening diecast model. Parts all have to fit properly, be child safe and stay in one piece within reasonable handling. Resin needs no such development time and costs, only the shape and colour need to be accurate. Subjects are available in resin which will never be released in fully open diecast. I prefer opening diecast, but will take resin if it’s something I really want. To each his own….

  5. Moondawn says:

    It baffles me how this this topic keeps coming up after everything has been said. It’s even more mind boggling that all of the comments above, including those from so-called self-appointed experts, make no sense at all.

    “It costs a lot more to engineer a fully opening diecast model”.

    O really? Why do Vitesse and Norev do that against budget prices then? Maybe it’s time to actually gather some knowledge about your hobby. You’d learn that there are many components that go into a cost price. Labour cost being the biggest depending on how much labour time you need. O yes, that is why hand builds are expensive, escpecially when they are built in Europe. Too expensive for you? That’s ok, but please don’t degrade the builders as thieves. It’s an insult to everyone involved in this great hobby.

  6. Patrick T. says:

    Awesome! Glad I did not pre-order an AUTOart yet:)

  7. Martin says:

    This one looks really good.
    I’d think my AA Veyron is going to get some company from this in the future!

    And regarding the whole discussion, yes diecast can be made but only a high volumes. With labour costs rising in China, it becomes harder and harder to compete with resin. If you have high volumes, it’s possible to invest more in moulds and labour. Because of the larger amount of models on the market and lowering in demand because of price rising, it’s taking it self down though. It’s good that there are still companies left that make diecast and that the dealer models in 1:18 are still a thing in China. That keeps the demand to a good level so that brands, beside the unknown ones that produce dealer brand models, as Shuco and Welly still dare to make good value diecast, besides the few lower end brands (far less labour costs) that also cut costs by making models sealed for example (Norev).

  8. Ben says:

    This Chiron is better detailed than the cheaper Bburago offering but the engine cover is still sealed isn’t it

  9. Ole Andre says:

    Anyone knows how to open the rear spoiler? I just got it and cant open it, lol

  10. Ole Andre says:

    Not that i could see, but maybe its a little hiden under there. I will look closer, thank you.

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