Amalgam Prototype 1:8 Ford GT40 •

Amalgam Prototype 1:8 Ford GT40

Amalgam unveils the first look at their upcoming release, the 1:8 1:8 Ford GT40.  The model is shown in the early grey-wear form, and initial impressions are very positive!  Well, they should be since retail on this beauty is north of $10,000 US!!  The prototype has been approved by Ford, and the initial handful of production samples will be available come this May.  Please contact Amalgam for more information on liveries and production dates.

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8 Responses to "Amalgam Prototype 1:8 Ford GT40"

  1. Pier Paolo says:

    Unbelievable … they charge you like a real car, but they can’t make the front hood openable.

  2. Paolo says:

    I will choose GMP 1/12 products

  3. MLB says:

    At these prices, I expect perfection and accuracy – both are missing. Most immediately noticeable and the first big miss in lack of accuracy are the rear fenders around the tires, which are the wrong shape.

    The GMP while not perfect, and also incorrect in a few areas is overall more accurate and certainly a better value.

  4. Eagle36 says:

    GMP??!!!??? The nose of the car is horribly wrong, it’s just a big toy– reserve judgment until you see the actual final production is presented.

  5. Robert says:

    You want a 1/8 scale GT40 MKI? Just build the DeAgostini 1969 version of the GT40, it’s a month per month subscription and you’ll have one that opens up 360 with lights that light and sound. For a lot less dough, and you’ll be able to say you put it together.

  6. skyler says:

    The GMP always gave me the impression that someone recreated the car strictly from memory. They remembered the angles but not so much the bulk. Overall,pretty bad though Ive seen alot worse. I dont think anyone has ever gotten it totally right though. I keep wondering why they just dont take laser measurements of the real cars and be done with it. Id rather have it totally accurate in shape than have an artistic interpretation or just a bad mistake.

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