PHOTO GALLERY: Automodello Ford F600 Truck •

PHOTO GALLERY: Automodello Ford F600 Truck

A now for something a little different.  With all the 1:18 scale features it is nice to see something along the lines of the smaller dimensions within the hobby.  Here is the 1:43 Automodello 1956 Ford F600 Truck in Red.  If you’re not familiar with Automodello, the team has built a solid reputation on hand-built replicas featuring the more obscure and classics of the American culture. Each piece is meticulously calibrated that evolve into limited productions.  This Ford F600 is limited to only 56 pieces and carries a suggested retail of $129.95 US.

As for the model, construction on the Ford F600 truck is accomplished with an assortment of metal and plastic parts.  Each item is carefully pieced together as the results show here in the various images.  The paintwork is excellent, well above the norm, with the transitional areas of defined colour separated with precision.  Metal door handles and gas cap are nicely dressed in chrome.  This attention to refinement is carried in the multiple badges that adorn the front cabin.  Our favourite element of the truck is the highly detailed wheels, they add character and their robust stature do tell a story on their own.

If there was any concern, we would need to address the sparse interior that is done in all-Black.  This is typical of the era, being so traditional, a little more energy in the detail department of the interior would have better defined the completeness of this replica.

There is more, look for our complete review of Automodello’s new 1:24 1937 Delahaye 135MS Figoni et Falaschi Aubergine very soon.  Enjoy the pics!

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