AutoCult Models | Avenue43 New April Releases •

AutoCult Models | Avenue43 New April Releases

AutoCult Models as well as sister brand Avenue43 have a total of six new models to showcase this month.  The rare and the usual are upon us again.  The feature comes from AutoCult, the car, 1934 Thompson House Car.  Tell us who other than AutoCult would release this is scale?  We love it!

The remaining models, all in 1:43 scale include 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC Zagato,  1906 Benz 35/40 Prinz-Heinrich-Wagen and 1934 Steyr 100 “Asien-Steyr”.  From Avenue43, we share the 1953Mercedes-Benz 180 Cabriolet A Prototype and 1970 Porsche 914/6 Graf Goetz.  That is one different Porsche!

About the Thompson House Car…  “Arthur Thompson, the man who set one of the most beautiful camping vehicles on its wheels, must have been one who kept silent. Information about the watchmaker, in some literary sources listed as Walter J. Thompson, is almost not existent and it seems to be that nothing has survived up to the present.  In the 1930s he set a camper van on its wheels that captivated especially due to its mechanics. In his Californian domicile Ontario, he sketched and tinkered overall seven years before he finally realized his idea. For his motorhome, he went for a Studebaker chassis with a six-cylinder engine. Onto the bare frame, he formed a car body, passenger and camper compartment, out of an aluminum sheet. The idea with which the watchmaker came up was both simple and refined. Over the conventional, solid structure he fixed another almost identical structure, which could be lifted/ raised (similar to pop-up campers) through a combination of rods and a foldable fabric parts driven by an ingenious series of gears. Due to this identical; even both side windows were integrated; raised component it was possible for a grown person to stand upright.

Product# 09010 / 06032 / 01001 / 02018 / 60004 / 60023

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