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Pocher: Aventador Project Part IV – Motor & Suspension

Well, I’m halfway through the assembly manual as of today’s post.  What I’ve completed since the last update is the motor, top and bottom section, front and rear suspension (well, most of it), and the steering mechanism.


What is impressive with the kit as you continue through the build, is that assembling the intricate pieces gives you a greater appreciation for the engineering behind the original Lamborghini Aventador.  Basically what Pocher created here is a kit developed utilizing schematics of the originally designed car.  Not every detail is replicated but it gives the end-user a very cool perspective.


The monocoque/unibody design of the Aventador is all fabricated in metal that is powder-coated in black.  Let me tell you, this monster has some beef!  All the suspension components are also cast in metal, as well as 75% of the four shocks/springs found within the kit.  Did I mention full steering and working suspension?  The photos will illustrate this in more detail.


I’ve had a few issues since the last update.  The water decal that was installed for the reservoir just in front of the rear shock went missing in action.  Also, I discovered that I also installed the decals for the rear shock in the wrong direction.  Well, I’ll blame the instructions as they only point to where they go, not what direction, lol.


While assembling the suspension, I could not use the letters “L” and “M” marked screws for their appropriate destination point on the front suspension.  Same for the rear.  They were too long, and if driven any further, I ran the risk of snapping the screw head or stripping it.  Solution: I subbed “L” for “E” and “M” with “B” – same screw-type just shorter in length.  Now I hope I have another set of screws to complete the kit!


The next part of the puzzle is connecting front and rear sections to the monocoque/unibody.  Tune in to DiecastSociety.com for more updates on the Pocher Project real soon.  Part five to come…


For more information on this kit, please contact Pocher here:

Website: www.Pocher.com
Email: pocher [at] hornbyinternational [dot] com


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