REVIEW: AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Coupe C6 •

REVIEW: AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Coupe C6

A beautiful sunny Friday, and a long weekend here in Canada, so why not another review on the latest acquisition.  Today I feature the AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Coupe C6.  This is not a new model, the original release date was back in 2006 along with the C6 Z06 model again from AUTOart.  What is impressive with this model is the high quality, craftsmanship, and execution the team at AUTOart created here, which can be found for $50 or less today!  I acquired my model very recently brand new in box from a local seller.


corvette_c6coupe2  corvette_c6coupe3


As with all the Corvette’s, I reviewed recently this one is up there as maybe the best.  Exterior lines are well executed.  Panel gaps are very good.  What is impressive is the level of detail you discover when looking at the little things.  I mean, the quality of the paint is smooth and rich.  The front and rear lens for the headlights and taillights use some impressive high-end plastics that adds another level of realism to the model, which carries on to the side markers too.  I’ve seen photos of this model in past but you really can’t appreciate the model fully until you have one in front of you.


corvette_c6coupe19  corvette_c6coupe16

The wheels are some of the best I’ve seen on any diecast to date, up there with another AUTOart classic and very underrated model the Dodge Viper SRT-10 (get one of these if you don’t have one).  Quality here is very impressive and carries on the rotors and calipers – well done AUTOart.  Look at the photo; it is quite incredible for a model I paid $50 for.  If you have seen better execution I’d like to know?


corvette_c6coupe9  corvette_c6coupe12

Inside the interior is top-notch.  Nothing was left to chance; the detail work on the dash buttons, doors, and pedals are excellent!  Check out the photos as they will speak for themselves.  The roof on this coupe is removable, and I’m glad to say it is very easy to remove and re-install without issue (can’t say that for other AUTOart Corvette’s).  Another neat feature is the capability to store the top in the rear hatch compartment, the same as the 1:1.  Again everything works great!  Well done AUTOart!


corvette_c6coupe11  corvette_c6coupe23

Under the hood, you find a well-appointed motor.  I’m not Corvette authority but from what I gather everything seems to be in place.  As noted earlier this model was released back in 2006, so will notice the hinge work on the hood, not the best.  If we had the modern hinges used by AUTOart today this model in my opinion would be perfect.  Notice the Corvette logo embossed on the backside of the hood, again attention to detail, nice!  Now you think we’re done, nope!  Turn over the model and the detail work continues from front to back.  The exhaust mufflers and tips are above the call of duty, again execution and the level of realism not often seen on many models today.


Without a doubt, this C6 Corvette Coupe should be in your collection.  You can go over to eBay right now and I promise you you’ll find more than one selling or $50 or less.  Don’t let this one pass you by.  The level of realism and overall execution is worth far more than the asking price.  Enjoy the pics!

corvette_c6coupe5  corvette_c6coupe6  corvette_c6coupe14

corvette_c6coupe15  corvette_c6coupe20  corvette_c6coupe21


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5 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Coupe C6"

  1. Playcars says:

    Very good and beautiful model.

  2. my Romeo says:

    Hi~ I am a big corvette fan too~!!
    Among the autoart’s corvette models, ’62, ’82 and ’05(including ’06 z06)are the best models, I think.
    Autoart’s c6 models are very good for price. Only one thing to complain is ‘Sticky seat’!!! Is your model’s seat aright?

  3. Alex says:

    Seeing that the coupe version now goes for silly money.. is the convertible version of the same car by Autoart at the same detail and quality? Ultimately I’d prefer the coupe but the money they demand now days makes it a little difficult to justify..

  4. Alex says:

    I ended up finding a blue drop top version! Is in transit as I type this and im really looking forward to seeing it!

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