REVIEW: Norev Volkswagen Mark1 Golf GTI •

REVIEW: Norev Volkswagen Mark1 Golf GTI

The second of two ‘pocket rockets’ is the original Volkswagen Mark 1 Golf GTI.  This iconic hot hatch set the stage for many followers today, now on the heels of the seventh generation, the Golf GTI has established it self as a premier hot hatch, pushing forward innovation, and all-around best in class.  The model we have here is the special edition Golf GTI commissioned by Modellissimo and manufactured by Norev and is limited to 1000 units worldwide.  Basically what we have here is the same mould used back in the day from Solido and SunStar, I really see no difference between them except for the packaging.


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For me the Golf GTI needs to be red, my very first car was a Flash Red 1995 Golf GTI 2.0l 8v.  Decent fit and finish BUT way underpowered, the VR6 power plant was the king of the hill at the time…  Getting back on topic, yes the colour, GTI’s need to be RED!  Overall the essence of the 1:1 is captured here, but it isn’t quite perfect.  The back half of the car is slightly too short and the overall roofline is slightly too high.  These are minor issues that can be easily overlooked.  The paint is average but consistent throughout.  The black trim works and mimics the 1:1 well but is slightly thin in areas where the trim should be wider.  As the original SunStar and Solido model, the rear hatch is sealed.  Boo! And we have the infamous half window too on both driver and passenger side.


volkswagen_mk1golfgti18  volkswagen_mk1golfgti6

Wheels are steelies and of the period.  I personally love the basic no-nonsense look, which are replicated well.  Don’t see much in brake and suspension bits due to the solid steel rims.  Again the execution is identical to the original release by SunStar and Solid.


Surprisingly the motor exceeds expectations, it is very good.  Capturing the 1:1 well and going that extra mile in finer detail with a lot painted bit and detail.  The shock towers are executed very nicely.  The motor is where the best overall detail is on the model without a doubt.  The only negative is the two HUGE hinges used in the hood operation.  Man, they are large!  Again no difference here when compared to the original release by SunStar and Solid.

volkswagen_mk1golfgti8  volkswagen_mk1golfgti7


The Interior is to the period as well.  Checked patterned fabric on the seats and the traditional golf ball style shifter knob are both present.  Overall nicely appointed, but I wish Norev would have gone the extra mile and dressed up the interior just a little bit more.  This iconic car deserves more and I know for a fact many of these are cars still be driven and modified by countless generations of Volkswagen fans.



If you’re a Volkswagen fan this car is a must!  If you’re a current owner of Solido or SunStar there is absolutely no reason to buy it, from what I gather the cars are identical.  Actually the only reason I purchased the model for myself was that my Soldio version I had had a slight paint issue on the roof.  This model is currently available in red and white, and easily had for under $50CND.  Rumours are of a Welly version in the near future, let’s hope they go that extra step and produce a Mark 1 Golf GTI deserving of the Volkswagen badge.  Enjoy the pics!

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