REVIEW: OttOmobile Audi RS2 Avant •

REVIEW: OttOmobile Audi RS2 Avant

At first glance I decided it was a pass then after seeing more and more photos in the flesh I scrambled to acquire one.  I’m sure this has happened too many from time to time.  The model in question here is the OttOmobile Audi RS2 Avant, a limited edition of 2250 units.  This is my fourteenth model from OttOmobile, and yes at times it has proven a roller coaster ride of emotions due to quality control issues and their awesome selection of specimens.  Most of which core diecast or resin manufactures would not even consider producing and that I thank OttOmobile for taking the risk.


audi_rs22  audi_rs23


The exterior of the Audi RS2 Avant seems to be in check with the 1:1.  Shutlines, panel gaps are with spec at nice due to the fact the model is resin/sealed.  There are no opening parts here folks.  But if you look very closely around the edging of the mould there are some rough patches that could have used a little more sanding during the manufacturing process. Honestly only visible under extreme magnification. The paint is smooth and rich throughout,  the Audi OEM RS Blue is absolutely gorgeous, and one of the main reasons I gravitated towards the model at first.  The only negative would be the alignment of the rear Audi logo, it’s a tad offline.  Someone at the OttO manufacturing facility needs corrective eyeglasses!


The wheels are nicely executed, another strong point in the overall execution of the model.  Paintwork gives a very realistic feel and the rotors and calipers front and rear complement the overall fit and finish.  Well done OttOmobile!


audi_rs215  audi_rs216


I can’t comment on the motor as the model is sealed.  Flipping over to the undercarriage the exhaust work is painted from front to rear.  Nothing too dramatic, just some crude painting of the bits as laid into the undercarriage mould.  The interior is well-appointed.  The dash and steering wheel has that extra grain of detail that pushes the model over the average hump to very good!  The seats and doors panels are colour coded to the exterior, which mimics the 1:1 well.  Overall I like it.



I know most aren’t fans of resin or sealed models for that matter.  Yes, as you and I would prefer diecast over resin but for me, this goes beyond materials, I love cars, especially fine modern German automobiles.  So I will take what I can get.  Hat’s off to OttOmoilbe once again for driving this niche market and creating some really exciting models.  Oh yes, I do highly recommend the Audi RS2 Avant, enjoy the pics!

audi_rs25  audi_rs28  audi_rs29

audi_rs210  audi_rs213  audi_rs214


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